Current status of locations

The Status column in the list of locations in your dashboard shows the current state of each location. Below is a list of all the location states you might see:

Status What it means
Unverified Your feed has not yet been verified. Click Verify your locations on the left side of your dashboard to initiate the verification process.

Learn more about the verification process
Live Your location is verified and synced with Maps.
Live (with updates) The location is live on Maps, but it’s details have been updated based on the latest information we’ve received. Click the location to approve, change, or ignore the Google updates. Learn more about Google updates.
Errors The data you uploaded for the location contain one or more errors. You will need to fix all errors before your data for the location are published to Maps. Learn more about errors.
Owner conflicts The location has another verified owner on Google. Learn more about how to fix owner conflicts
Duplicates The location you uploaded is a duplicate of a location that has already been verified. This may be a duplicate of a location that’s already in your account - check the locations in your feed to see if this is the case, and remove any duplicate locations. Or, it may be a location verified by another business owner (such as a local store manager, or someone else at your business).

Learn more about resolving duplicate locations
Pending review

A location is in this state when you add or claim an existing location on Google Maps. The state can also show up while we review an update to your location.

If it doesn't update, this may indicate the address information we have isn’t up to date or precise. Try moving the location's pin marker. If you're still having issues, please contact us.


Saving  Your location is being processed. Check again in a few minutes to see an updated status.

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