Understand your listing status

You may notice that not all of your locations are published on Google. To check if your location is published:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business
  2. If you have more than one business account, choose the account with the locations you’d like to edit.
  3. Click the three dash menu icon   in the top left corner, then click All locations 
  4. Check the "Status" column for the latest information on your location.

If the status is not "Published," check the information below for more information on how to resolve the situation:

Status What it means How to fix
Not published Your location has not yet been verified. Click the verification badge icon  on the top right side of your dashboard to initiate the bulk verification process for ten or more locations of the same business. Learn more about bulk verification

If you work on behalf of a service area business or represent multiple businesses, you will need to verify each location individually. Click Get verified to begin. Learn more about individual verification
Published Your location is verified and synced with Maps. You're all set—no action needed.
Published (with updates) The location is published on Maps, but its details have been updated based on the latest information we’ve received. Click the location to approve, change, or ignore the Google updates. Learn more about Google updates
Errors The data you uploaded for the location contains one or more errors. You will need to fix all errors before your data for the location are published to Maps. Learn more about errors Add the location back in your spreadsheet, upload the spreadsheet, and resolve the errors by following these steps. If you're still having issues, please contact us.
Matches found The data you uploaded for the location matches data for an existing location in Maps. Click Confirm location to confirm that your location matches the data in Maps. On the screen that appears, click either Use this location for the Maps entry for your location or Add location if you don’t see your location on the map.
Access needed The location has another verified owner on Google. Each location can only have one verified owner. You have several options to resolve this issue. Learn more about resolving "Access needed"
Duplicate locations The location you uploaded is a duplicate of a location that has already been verified. Check the locations in your feed to see if the location is already in your account, and remove it. Learn more about resolving duplicate locations
Duplicate addresses This location shares the same address as another location in your account. Give the location a unique address, a unique store code, or remove it if it already exists in your account. Use store codes to differentiate locations that have the same address.
Duplicate store codes This location shares a store code with a different location in your account. Assign a unique store code to each location. Any unique identifier can serve as a store code. Add the store code in your next spreadsheet import, or edit it manually. Learn more about duplicate store codes
Missing store codes This location is missing a store code. Store codes are required to ensure that changes are applied accurately to your account. You can add store codes manually or include them in your next import. Learn more about missing store codes
Pending review A location is in this state when you add or claim an existing location on Google Maps. The state can also show up while we review an update to your location. Click on the location in the dashboard to see if it is not connected to Maps. If the location is connected to Maps and still hasn’t been published for more than 2 weeks, please contact us.
Download not enabled This location can't be downloaded now. Review your business information and complete any other outstanding tasks to enable the location for download.
Saving This location is being processed. Check again in a few minutes to see an updated status.
Disabled This location has been disabled for quality violations. Once you’re sure your locations comply with our guidelines and include all required information, you can request that they be reinstated.
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