Bulk location management overview

Known issue: Updating hotel attributes in the Google My Business API and spreadsheet upload is not working. Learn more.

If your business has 10 or more locations you can add, verify, and manage them in bulk. Your business must meet the Google My Business quality guidelines to be eligible to appear on Maps, Search, and other Google properties. 

To begin managing listings in bulk with Google My Business:

  1. Create a Google Account for your business using an email address with your business domain. For example, if your business website is www.example.com, an email address with your business domain would be you@example.com. An email address that is not affiliated with your business domain will take longer to verify, and may delay the process of getting your business information on Google. The support team will need to contact you, so use a functioning email address.
  2. Create a location group (previously known as a business account) to manage your locations. Location groups/business accounts allow you to safely share management of your locations with multiple users and run location-based ad campaigns. Learn more about location groups/business accounts
  3. Create a spreadsheet with all of your locations. Enter business information for all of your locations into one place so you can verify them all at once. 
  4. Upload your spreadsheet to Google My Business. Add all of the locations you manage before uploading your spreadsheet. Review the common issues that delay bulk verification to make sure your locations are verified as quickly as possible. 
  5. Review your locations and fix errors. After your spreadsheet file is uploaded, your locations will show up in your Google My Business dashboard. You’ll be prompted to fix any errors before your locations can be published. Learn more about fixing errors
  6. Request bulk verification. Verifying your locations helps ensure that your business information is accurate and that only you, the business owner or authorized representative, are able to manage it. Request verification by submitting a form with some information about you and your business. Your locations won’t be eligible to appear on Search, Maps, and other Google properties until they are verified.
  7. Keep your business info up-to-date. You can add, remove, and edit locations in your Google My Business dashboard or by uploading a revised spreadsheet. Learn more about editing business information
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