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About mobile app engagement campaigns

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Mobile app engagement campaigns are a great choice if you’re focused on finding folks interested in your app content, getting people who have installed your app to try your app again, or to open your app and take a specific action. These types of ads allow flexibility for counting conversions, bidding and targeting.

Mobile app engagement ad

Before you begin

To make it easier to engage with your app users, see how to link to your Google Play Developer account.

How it works

Once you connect your app to AdWords, you can focus your ads only on people who are interested in your app content. To keep track of how people use your app, and see which of your ads drove people to act, you can count specific engagement actions in your app as conversions.

These ads can:

  • Encourage users to try your app again
  • Remind someone to open your app and take a specific action
  • Help people complete an activity they already started
  • Increase how often people use your app
  • Recommend someone try out specific features or levels


If you’re interested in getting more people to download your app, start by creating a mobile app installs campaign. You can track downloads as conversions to measure how well your ads are working.

Display Network app engagement campaigns

On the Display Network, app engagement campaigns allow you to show ads within other apps, specifically to people who have already installed your app. These ads can encourage your app's current users to open your app and do something specific. Learn more about "Display Network only - Mobile app engagement" campaigns.


Let's say you work on marketing for a widely used shopping app. You'd like to encourage people to buy items that they’ve put in their cart, but haven’t purchased. To do this, you could set up remarketing for your app, and create a "Mobile app engagement" campaign to reach people who are using your app.

Search Network app engagement campaigns

App engagement campaigns on the Search Network help you to show ads in search results on mobile phones and tablets to people who already have installed your app. Your ads can encourage your app's current users to open your app and do something related to what they were searching for on Google. ​Learn more about "Search Network only - Mobile app engagement" campaigns. 

Android apps only

Currently, app engagement campaigns on the Search Network are only available for Android apps. To get more people to download your app, you can create a mobile app install campaign.


You've got an Android app that helps people find affordable flights to cities around the world. To promote your app, you could create an app engagement ad on the Search Network that takes people looking for flights to Rome directly to the search results for Rome flights in your app. You could use the keywords flights to Rome and cheap Rome flights to help show ads to people who already have your app and are looking to book a flight.

Best practices: Check mark icon Best practices

Read the Google Best Practices guide to learn how to encourage folks to continue engaging with your app.
Increase Mobile App Engagement: Google Best Practices

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