Asset requirements for App campaigns for engagement

To get the best results from your App campaigns for engagement, it’s important to provide high-quality assets for your ads. Compelling text, appealing images, and interesting videos are more likely to generate clicks for your campaign. This article details what assets to provide, and the specifications for each type of asset.

Note: Content may be dropped, cropped, or modified during the ad serving process.

Asset requirements

Asset type Requirements Recommendations
Text (required)
  • Minimum of 2 headlines and 1 description
  • Each text asset should end with punctuation (see policy guidelines)
  • Make headlines and descriptions as long as possible, but within the character limit
  • Make sure each text asset makes sense on its own and provides a clear value proposition. Text assets may be combined so each text asset should have its own message and should not be repeated.
Images (optional)
  • Accepted image size (pixels):
    • 320 x 50
    • 320 x 480
    • 480 x 320
    • 300 x 250
    • 1200 x 628
  • Deviation of image aspect ratios should not exceed 1%
  • Maximum file size: 1MB
  • No text, except for logos
  • Where possible, use images that are relevant to the action the user will take in your app or the apps value proposition
Video (optional)
  • Maximum of 20 videos
  • Submitted as a full YouTube URL
  • Use videos at least 10 seconds in length
  • Upload as many videos as possible (maximum of 20 per ad group) so that there are multiple options that can be matched to different creatives

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