Approved animal medications for personalized advertising (Beta)

This page lists the prescription animal drug terms that can currently be promoted in ads that target personalized advertising audience segments, like remarketing lists. Ads are not permitted to target most kinds of audience segments if the ad or landing page contains any restricted drug terms that are not on this list. For more information, see our personalized advertising policy.

To express interest in having an animal medication term added to future versions of this list, submit this form. Note that we will not add animal medications that can also be prescribed for human use, are prone to human abuse or other misuse, or are confusingly similar to other restricted drug terms.

  • Apoquel
  • Galliprant
  • Trifexis
  • Milbemycin
  • Simparica
  • Proheart
  • NexGard
  • Advantage Multi
  • Bravecto
  • Selamectin
  • Revolution
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