The Optimization tab

Choose the winner of an experiment

Once your experiment has collected sufficient data, you can choose the winner of your experiment. We recommend that you wait until your experiment is marked "Ready to complete" before you choose a setting as the winner.

To choose the winner of your experiment:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. In the left navigation panel, click Optimization.
  3. Click Experiments.
  4. In the table of experiments, click the name of your experiment.
  5. Review the final performance of the two settings.

    When you're choosing the winner of your experiment, we encourage you to consider the change to the ad session length as well as the changes to RPM. Increased ad session length means users are spending more time on your site. If RPM increases but ad session length decreases, or vice versa, it's up to you to decide whether you're happy with this trade-off.

  6. Depending on what the results of your experiment indicate, click either:
    • Choose original - your original settings are retained.
    • Choose variation - we apply the settings of the variation back to your account.

    Once you’ve chosen the winner, your experiment moves from the “Ready to complete” state to the “Completed” state. Your experiment ends, and we stop splitting your traffic.

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