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Opportunities and experiments

Change your Auto optimize setting

To change your Auto optimize setting, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Optimization and then Experiments.
  3. Click your current Auto optimize setting, for example, Auto optimize on.
  4. In the "Auto optimize" section, select an option:
    • Auto optimize on (recommended)

      Google will run experiments on your traffic and automatically apply any improvements for you.

    • Suggestions only

      Google will run experiments on your traffic and suggest improvements. You choose the winner and apply any improvements yourself. To do this, visit the Experiments page and click either Keep original or Apply variation, depending on the outcome of the experiment.

    • Auto optimize off

      Google won't run experiments on your traffic.

  5. Click Save settings.


You'll see a notification in your account when Auto optimize starts running an experiment. You'll receive an email every time an experiment finishes and there's a decision required from you. Or, if you've allowed Google to apply improvements for you, you'll be notified of the changes that have been applied. Learn how to change your email preferences.

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