Create and manage yield partners

Use companies in Ad Manager to configure yield partners
We’ve updated the experience of onboarding Open Bidding partners in Ad Manager 360. Publishers can now add Open Bidding partners at Delivery > Bidders > Open Bidding > New bidder (instead of Admin > Companies > New company > Ad network).

A yield partner is an "ad network" or "demand partner", listed as a company in Ad Manager. Yield partners can be used for mediation for mobile apps or Open Bidding, depending on the settings you choose and your relationship with the yield partner.

Make sure to review relevant regional privacy legislation such as CPRA, GDPR, and LGPD. If your website or app uses IAB's Transparency and Consent Framework, your yield partner must be part of IAB's Global Vendor List (GVL) or use Additional Consent Mode.

The steps for adding a new yield partner for mediation and adding a new yield partner for Open Bidding are different.

Add a new yield partner for mediation

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Companies.
  3. Click New company and then Ad network.
  4. Specify a unique name for this Ad Manager company to determine how it will appear in Ad Manager reports. This name can differ from the partner's official name.

  5. Click Select ad network and select the name of your yield partner. You can also begin typing to filter the list.

    If you cannot find your ad network in the list, choose "Other company". This will require that you define custom events in your mobile app and yield groups for use in mediation.

Turn on bidding options

  1.  (Optional) Toggle Mediation to enable mediation for mobile apps for this yield partner.

Credit status and settings

  1. Set the Credit status for this company.
    Only companies with an "Active" credit status can be added to a yield group or serve in mediation.
  2.  (Optional) Use Additional settings to add information about this company for reporting.
  3. Click Save.

Add a new yield partner for Open Bidding

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Delivery and then Bidders.
  3. Click Open Bidding and then New bidder.
  4. Click Select a bidder and select the name of your yield partner. You can also begin typing to filter the list.

  5. Click Select a company and select the name of the ad network. You can also begin typing to filter the list or to add a new company.

  6. Click Use selected company.

  7. Click Acknowledge to send an Open Bidding request to the bidder.

     You'll need to acknowledge that you have a separate contractual relationship with the selected demand partner. Upon saving, a notification is sent to the demand partner to ensure they're aware of the change and can include your network in their pretargeting configuration. Not available in every network.

  8. Click Done.

Why don't I see one of my partners in Open Bidding?

A partner only appears when:

  • The selected ad network has an active Open Bidding integration.
  • The Open Bidding addendum to your Ad Manager contract has been processed.

Do my rules and pricing floors apply to third-party demand partners?

Yes. Unified pricing rules can be used on Ad Exchange accounts for third-party demand partners.

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