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Getting started with Open Bidding

Prepare your contracts and configurations

Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

Before Open Bidding can begin, there are a few tasks for both demand partners and publishers to complete.

Each publisher and demand partner must have an established contractual relationship with one another. Google is not involved in this contract.

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For exchanges and networks

  1. Contact your Google account manager to sign a buyer contract and set up an Open Bidding account.
  2. Configure a customized Open Bidding integration and send bidder endpoints to your Google account manager for testing to verify that the integration functions correctly.

    This is a one-time process. A separate bidder is not required for each publisher partnership.

  3. Secure contracts with publisher partners and include their Ad Manager networks in a pretargeting configuration.

For publishers

  1. A primary (or "mapped") Ad Exchange account is required. This primary account must also be linked to your Ad Manager network and set as the "default for dynamic allocation".
  2. Contact your Google account manager to sign an Open Bidding addendum to your Ad Exchange contract.
    • This is a one-time process and does not need to be completed for each Open Bidding buyer.
    • You will see "Web" targeting available in Ad Manager yield groups configuration 2-3 business days after the contract addendum is processed by your Google account manager.
      There may not be any yield partners available until you create companies in Ad Manager.
  3. Ensure available inventory from Google Publisher Tags (for web), the Google Mobile Ads SDK (for mobile apps), or the IMA SDK (for video).

Set up Open Bidding in Ad Manager

  1. Create a company for each demand partner.
  2. Target inventory with a yield group.
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