G Suite Hack for power users


This G Suite Hack for power users can help you increase your productivity and learn some advanced tasks that business users do daily. Challenge yourself with 5 educational tasks that cover multiple G Suite apps and are tailored to teach you different ways to use G Suite. 

Go at your own pace and use the resources in the G Suite for power users page for help along the way.


The hack is currently only open to G Suite users who register on this page and are approved for the hack.


Once you register and are approved, you can start the hack whenever you’re ready.


Bragging rights, of course. But also, completing this hack lets you learn more of the advanced capabilities of G Suite that can help improve your productivity at work. G Suite helps you transform your work to be faster and smarter, and to collaborate better. Why not have a try?


Register here to get started.



How hard or easy are the tasks?

The tasks vary in difficulty and are designed to get tougher as you progress.

How do I finish a task and complete the hack?

To finish a task, answer four questions to confirm you understood the task. After you submit your answers, you’ll see a confirmation page with a link to the next task. Once you’ve completed all the tasks, you’ll get a confirmation that you completed the hack.

What if I don’t know how to do the tasks? 

Use any of the resources in the G Suite for power users page to help you. You’ll learn not only how to do the tasks, but also how to find the resources you need if you have any future questions.

What if I don’t need to do one of the tasks for my job?

Try it anyway. You never know, you might use the skills later or help a colleague.


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