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G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook

If your Google Account is through work, school, or another group, you can use G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GSSMO) to synchronize your account with Outlook. Then, you can access the synchronized information (Gmail and other G Suite products, such as Google Drive) in Outlook on any device where you use your Google Account. You’ll open Outlook just like you used to and use it to manage most of your data.

If you don’t want to use Outlook and would rather move your data from Outlook to your Google Account, use our G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook product instead.

Step 1: Install and set up GSSMO

First, you need to install GSSMO and sign in to your Google Account. You can then import your data from an existing Outlook profile, or from a PST file containing data exported from Outlook, to your Google Account.

For details, go to Download, sign in, and import.

Step 2: Set your default profile in Outlook

Outlook can open your G Suite profile automatically, making it easier to use GSSMO.

For details, go to Make Google my default profile.

Step 3: Understand what gets synchronized

Email, calendar events, and contacts regularly sync between G Suite and Outlook. Some other types of data aren't synchronized or are formatted differently in certain G Suite products, such as Gmail.

For details, go to What's synchronized between Outlook and G Suite?

Step 4: Learn what's different when using GSSMO

Some features in Outlook aren't available, or might not work as you'd expect, when using Outlook with GSSMO. For details, go to:

Step 5: Check out the G Suite web interface

Review the differences when you access your Google Account in Outlook instead of the G Suite web interface. You can also view details about what to set up if you decide to use the G Suite web interface.

Note: Some G Suite features are just like Outlook but others work a little differently. Examine the articles below for times when you should plan to use Outlook instead.

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