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Install & import data

1. Download & install GWSMO

Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook

This article is for Google Workspace users. If you're an admin setting up GWSMO, go to GWSMO Admin Help.

Before you download and install Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO), you need to take some setup steps. Then, depending on what your administrator decides, you can download GWSMO yourself or have your admin download it for you.

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Before you begin

  • Sign in to your Google Account to accept Google's Terms and Conditions.
  • Check that Outlook is not running.

If you're downloading and installing GWSMO yourself (option 1, below), you should also:

  • Temporarily turn off anti-virus software, firewalls, and third-party applications that have access to your Outlook personal storage table (PST) files.
  • Review the system requirements for your computer and install any updates for your version of Outlook or Windows.

Option 1: I'm downloading & installing GWSMO myself

  1. Download the Recommended for users EXE file from the GWSMO download page.
  2. On the computer where you use Outlook, open the installer and follow the instructions.
  3. Move to Sign in to your Google Account.

Option 2: My admin downloaded GWSMO to my computer

  1. Depending on your version of Windows, select an option:
    • Windows 7 and later—From the Start menu, click Microsoft System Centerand thenSoftware Centerand thenApplicationsand thenGoogle Workspace Syncand thenInstall.
    • Earlier versions of Windows—In Control Panel, click Run Advertised Programsand thenGoogle Workspace Syncand thenRun.
  2. Move to Import your data.

Option 3: My admin installed GWSMO

  1. From the Start menu, click Set up a Google Workspace Sync user.
  2. Move to Import your data.

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