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Use Outlook mail to access your Gmail messages

Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook

With Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO), you can manage your Google Workspace mail using the same Outlook interface you used with your previous mail service.

You can access your mail from your Gmail account on the web too. For details, go to Use Gmail to access your synced messages.

Get started...

  1. Learn what you can and can't do in Outlook mail

    Find out about the Outlook features that are and are not available when using GWSMO.

  2. Work with messages in Outlook mail

    Review a few differences in Outlook when working with messages.

  3. Set up mail delegation

    Let someone else, such as an administrative assistant, access your Google Workspace account to send mail on your behalf. Set up delegation from Gmail (not Outlook).

  4. Use your new Archived folder

    Place messages here that you want to remove from your Inbox but keep for reference. The Archived folder also contains messages you archive using the Gmail interface that aren't already in another folder.

  5. Set a local mailbox size

    If you want to store more than 1 GB of mail in your local Outlook mailbox, you can change your mailbox size.

  6. Use Gmail's vacation responder

    You can set up automatic vacation responses to let people know when you're away from your mail. Set this in your Gmail web interface because Outlook's Out of Office feature isn't available with GWSMO.

  7. Turn off add-ins in Outlook

    Outlook add-ins might not work as expected and, in severe cases, can corrupt your local PST files.

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