Get started with Outlook Mail

With G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO), you can manage your G Suite mail using the same Outlook interface you were used to with your previous mail service.

Here's how we suggest you get started...

  1. See what's supported in Outlook Mail
    Check out this overview of the Outlook features available when using GSSMO.
  2. Follow best practices for using Outlook
    Review features that GSSMO adds to Outlook, or that work differently.
  3. Set a local mailbox size
    This is necessary only if you want to store more than 1GB of mail in your local Outlook mailbox. Regardless of your local mailbox size, all you mail is available from your Gmail account in the cloud.
  4. Set up mail delegation
    Share your calendars with other G Suite users, and add calendars to Outlook that others have shared with you.
  5. See what's not supported
    See which Outlook features aren't available with GSSMO or that don't work as you might be used to.
  6. Work with messages
    Review a few minor differences in Outlook, when working with messages.

Access your mail from your Gmail account on the web, too! GSSMO continually synchronizes data between Outlook and Gmail in the cloud, so the same messages are shown from either interface. Learn more.

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