Google Drive vs. Notes

With G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GSSMO), you can access the same notes you see in Outlook, from Google Drive. Specifically, notes placed anywhere in your Notes folder in Outlook, appear as plain-text files in Google Drive.

When accessing notes from Google Drive, here are a few things to note.

From Google Drive you can...

View the titles of notes in your documents list. If you include relevant content like the actual phone number or address in a note's title, you easily scan this information from Drive.

Download a note to see its contents. You can't view the note's entire contents from Drive, but you can download it to read it. Open the note from your documents list, then click its Download link. This downloads the note to your computer where you can open and view it as a text file.

Upload an edited note. Again, you can't edit a note directly in Google Drive. But you can download the note's text file, edit it on your computer, and upload it as a plain-text file back to Drive.

Store a note in more than one folder. Add a note to multiple folders in Google Drive and it will appear in all corresponding folders in Outlook. Just remember that there's still only one copy of the note. If you go back to Outlook and delete the note from one of its folders, it gets deleted from other folders, too. Outlook will also prevent you from copying or moving a note to a folder where the same note already resides.

Note, however, that if you use Outlook to copy a note to another folder, you'll indeed create a separate copy of the note.

Give different folders the same name. Google Drive doesn't mind if two folders have the same name. But in Outlook, corresponding folders get unique names, as in folder_name (1), folder_name (2), and so on—up to (10) before additional folders stop appearing in Outlook.

However, you should not...

Share a note's doc, as this makes it stop syncing. The doc remains available in Google Drive, but the corresponding note is removed from all your Outlook clients.

Convert a note to Google Drive format as this makes it stop syncing. Only plain text files can sync between Google Drive and Outlook. If you upload a note's text file after editing it, uncheck the option to convert the file to Google Docs format, if you want the Note to sync with Outlook.

Remove a note from your Notes folder in Outlook as this also stops the note from being synced. Learn more

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