Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook

If you don’t plan on using Outlook anymore and want to move all your data to your new Google Account, instead use Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GWMMO).

If your organization has switched to a Google Account but you'd like to keep using Microsoft Outlook, you can use GWSMO. GWSMO is a plugin that synchronizes your mail, calendar events, contacts, notes, and tasks between your new Google Account and Outlook.

How do I move my data?

Your administrator needs to do some setup. Then, you can install the product on your computer and start syncing data.

You can access the synchronized information in Outlook on any device where you use your Google Account. You open Outlook just how you used to and use it to manage most of your data.

About smart features & personalization

For smart features and personalization, you decide whether Google products can use data from Gmail, Chat, and Meet to personalize your experience in those products. How to choose your settings.

Note: To use smart features and personalization after a data migration, they must be on before the migration. Otherwise, several core Gmail features such as autosorting do not work.

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