Scope of support

Google provides customer support for G Suite core services as well as some migration & sync, API tools, and offline/mobile versions of apps as described below. 


Docs & Drive

Customer support for Docs & Drive includes the following web based services:

  • Drive
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • new Sites
  • Forms
  • Drawings


Admin console
Google team will provide customer support for all inquiries concerning the Admin console web interface. Additional Google Services that can be added through the Admin console are not currently covered by any support or service level agreement.
G Suite APIs and Admin SDK

Customer support for issues with the G Suite APIs listed individually in our developer documentation is available through different channels based on the type of request. Please see the following table for details:

  Break-fix support Developer support How to contact us
Production issue with an existing implementation ✔︎ - Contact G Suite Support to call, chat or submit a support case.
How to use Google APIs - ✔︎

Support for Google APIs is provided on Stack Overflow. To find the relevant Stack Overflow forum, refer to the links at the bottom of the G Suite API site.  

Google Apps Script ✔︎ ✔︎

Contact the Google Apps Script specialists on the Developer site.

Note: If you create a support case, you will be directed to these resources and channel.


Client-based migration & sync tools and data migration service

We provide support for data migration service and Google-developed client-based migration & sync tools, such as:

As part of our investigation of your support request, we update you about our findings. If we confirm that your request is related to a product defect, we then track and report the issue to our engineering team to facilitate resolution. After receiving such defect reports, the engineering team will assess their severity and the feasibility of resolution, and prioritize the engineering efforts accordingly. We will communicate back in the support case with status information on whether resolution can be achieved. For plugin-based tools provided by Google that rely on non-Google owned libraries, issue resolution may depend on the response of the third-party code owners. 

Google-authored G Suite functionality for Mobile & Offline 
Access to Core Services via Google-provided apps for Android and iOS

We will support you on the following Google-authored Apps for Android and iOS: 

  • Docs, Sheets, Drive, Slides
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Admin [Admin console mobile app]
  • Chrome 

We will investigate reported issues for our mobile apps and report defects to the corresponding engineering teams for review, prioritization and fix. These applications generally auto-update to the latest available version, and the support team will be able to reproduce and investigate issues only on the latest available version of the Google-authored iOS or Android G Suite service application.

Some of these applications may rely on non-Google owned libraries, and for this reason, issue resolution may be dependent on a third-party code owner's response to the issue. As part of the device adaption, the functionality for these Google-authored mobile apps may differ in experience and available features from the desktop experience.

G Suite Offline features

We will investigate reported issues for our mobile application and report defects to our corresponding engineering teams for review, prioritization and fix. Please refer to the documentation for the features to verify their specific system and browser requirements.

  • Gmail Offline for Chrome
  • Calendar Offline for Chrome
  • Drive Offline for Chrome
  • Drive



For more information, see our Support for Google+ help center article.


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