Google Apps Known Issues

Domain Administration & Billing Known Issues

Changes to SSO settings may take 24 hours to propagate

Description: Changes to any one of the following SSO settings may take up to 24 hours to propagate.

  • Enabling/disabling SSO or editing SSO settings for the domain
  • Renaming a user's primary email address, resulting in users not being redirected to SSO for up to 24 hours
  • Changing user Super Admin status, resulting in affected user not bypassing or redirecting to SSO correctly for up to 24 hours

Workaround: After 24 hours have passed, settings and user changes will propagate correctly.

None at the moment.

Product Known Issues

  Gmail & Groups

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Templates not listed after submitting to the gallery

Description: Users trying to submit the same document as a new template will receive a message stating the template already exists. 

Workaround: Create a copy of the document, set it's visibility setting to either People at <your domain> can find and access or a more public option, and submit the copied document to the gallery.

Enabling drive offline stuck on "Enabling offline mode. Please wait."

Description:Enabling offline sync within the Google Drive web UI will get stuck at "Enabling offline mode. Please wait."


  1. Navigate to
  2. Click "Enable Offline"
Packaged Keynote, Pages, and Omnigraffle files show up as folders in Drive

Description: The OS X operating system identifies a group of files in a directory as a "package", although the package will appear as a single file when viewed in Finder or other OSX tools. Other operating systems like Windows and Linux do not support this type of package directory, and ,currently, neither does Drive.

Workaround: While the files will appear as folders in Drive, they will display normally once opened.

The storage quota for Apps Unlimited customers is displayed as 10 TB
If you have 4 or fewer users in your organization, each user gets 1 TB of storage.

Description: The Drive storage quota for Apps Unlimited customers is displayed as 10 TB even though Apps Unlimited customers have unlimited storage.

Workaround: This issue does not affect the unlimited storage Apps Unlimited customers are provided with and only affects the storage display value within the Drive interface.


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Some users are unable to initiate hangouts with one or more contacts

Description: Some users are not able to initiate one-to-one conversations with a subset of their contacts list. Affected conversations must contain no messages and must have been idle for at least 10 days.

Workaround:No workaround at this time.

Hangouts displays "This party is over" within recurring meeting events for external users

Description: When there are multiple Calendar events with the same Hangouts video call link attached, the call will be available only to the external invitees of the first call. If an external user is invited to a named Hangout, but he was not invited to the previous call, the message "This party is over" will be displayed.

Workaround: Use a new meeting name when the list of invitees is different from the first meeting instance.

The warning explaining that you're chatting outside of your domain does not work if contact sharing is disabled

Description: If you'd like your users to be warned before they begin chatting with someone outside of your domain, you must enable Contact sharing. Currently, the Admin console allows the warning policy to be enabled even when contact sharing is disabled.

Workaround: Manually turn on contact sharing or manually disable warning when chatting outside of your domain. We are currently working on a solution to automatically disable the chat outside of the domain warning policy whenever contact sharing has been turned off.

  Sync & Mobile
Duplicate device activation email notifications

Description: Some domains may experience duplicated device activations email notifications in certain instances. Our engineering team has already implemented measures to drastically reduce the frequency that this occurs and continuing to investigate.

404 Resource Not Found: userKey for Google Apps Directory Sync

Description: Some domains may experience cosmetic errors when new users are created using Google Apps Directory Sync. You may safely ignore these errors.

The errors would appear as:
"code" : 404,
"errors" : [ {
"domain" : "global",
"message" : "Resource Not Found: userKey",
"reason" : "notFound"
} ],
"message" : "Resource Not Found: userKey"
GADS versions 4.0 and higher no longer use the Employee ID field for User Profiles
This issue only affects users of the Google Apps Directory Sync tool.

Description: In GADS versions 3.2.1 and lower, the Employee ID field was used to sync an employee's ID number in your LDAP directory to Google Apps. GADS 4.0+ now syncs employee ID's to a field named Organization ID in Google Apps.

Workaround: If you used previous versions of GADS and are running version 4.0+ for the first time, all of the User Profiles in your sync will be updated to use the Organization ID field. The Employee ID values for all of the User Profiles in your domain that were synced using GADS 3.2.1 will remain unchanged, and future GADS 4.0+ syncs will not update the values. If you'd like to remove the Employee IDs, you can do so using the Directory API.

How we define a Known Issue

We work on isolating and fixing every product issue that we're aware of, some of which may not but listed here. Known Issues are characterized by the following:

  • We can consistently reproduce an unexpected behavior.
  • Engineers are actively working towards a fix to correct the behavior.
  • The issue is observed globally and has generated a large number of support cases.

What's not a Known Issue

  • Product outages: Up-to-date outage information is posted within the Apps Status Dashboard.
  • Feature requests: We'd love to hear your thoughts! Go ahead and file a feature request.
  • Low impact issues: We're working to fix low impact issues as well as Known Issues. If you suspect you're impacted by an issue that's not listed here and want to talk to a member of our team, please contact us!

What to expect from a Known Issue

Every issue listed in our Known Issues will be fixed. We can't guarantee any timelines, however, so please be patient. If necessary, we'll add any available workarounds as we discover them. If you have questions, comments, or concerns (or funny jokes), please contact us!

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