Upgrade from the legacy free edition of G Suite

If you’re using the legacy free edition of G Suite, you can get more business features by upgrading to a paid edition. Try the paid edition for free for up to 10 users (or for all your existing users). Your free G Suite trial starts when you upgrade. Before your trial ends, you must set up billing to keep using the paid version of G Suite. Or, downgrade to go back to using the legacy free version of G Suite.


Limitations on returning to the free edition

You cannot downgrade back to the legacy free edition if:

  • Your free trial expires.
  • You set up billing and add more than 10 users (or any additional users if you already have more than 10) during your trial. See What if I already have more than 10 users before upgrading?, below.
  • You transfer your account to a Google reseller.
  • You never upgraded from the free edition.
  • You cancel your subscription entirely.

If you made changes to your domain, you need to revert them before downgrading: 

  • If you renamed your primary domain, change it back to its original name.
  • If you added an additional domain during your trial, remove it.

How to upgrade

Step 1: Choose your business features

Depending on the features you want, you can upgrade to the G Suite Basic, Business, or Enterprise edition. Compare features below to decide which edition you want. See pricing

Step 2: Upgrade to the free G Suite trial

After deciding which G Suite edition you want, follow steps below to upgrade to the free trial.

Upgrade to G Suite Basic trial

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in @gmail.com).

  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Billing.
  3. Next to your G Suite subscription, click Upgrade to G Suite.
  4. Fill out the form to upgrade to G Suite Basic.

    This starts your free trial of G Suite Basic.

  5. (Required) Before your free trial ends, set up billing or downgrade.

Upgrade to G Suite Business or Enterprise trial

  1. Follow steps above to upgrade to the G Suite Basic free trial.
  2. On the Billing page, under Available upgrades and next to G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise, click Find out more.
  3. Review the upgrade notice. Then click Get started.
  4. Select Trial plan.

    If you don't see the Trial plan option, your free trial period has expired. You therefore don't have the option to try G Suite Business or Enterprise for free.

  5. Accept the terms of agreement.

    This continues your free trial using G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise.

  6. (Required) Before your free trial ends, set up billing or downgrade.
Step 3: Before your trial ends, set up billing or downgrade

Before your free G Suite trial period ends, do one of the following to avoid losing access to your account:

Set up billing

Set up billing before your free trial ends to keep using G Suite. Setting up billing early won't end your free trial unless you add more than 10 users during the trial. You won't be charged until your trial ends or you add more than 10 users. In fact, we recommend entering your billing information well before the end of your trial so your service isn't suspended. For pricing and payments, see G Suite Billing basics.

Go back to the free edition

Downgrade to legacy free edition to go back to using G Suite for free, without the new business features. See Limitations on returning to the free edition, above.


What if I already have more than 10 users before upgrading?
If you're using the legacy free edition of G Suite with more than 10 users, you can still try a paid G Suite edition for free and keep the option to downgrade. Just don't set up billing or add any more users during your trial. If you set up billing or add more users during your trial, you'll lose the option to downgrade and will have to continue with a paid edition of G Suite.
Can I upgrade only some of my users?
No. Everyone in your domain must upgrade. You can't upgrade some users to use business features while others continue using the legacy free edition of G Suite.

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