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Prior to December 6, 2012, Google offered a free edition of G Suite—also known as the legacy free edition of Google Apps—that had a reduced set of business features. As of December 6, 2012, Google stopped offering the legacy free edition to new customers. The Terms of Service for the G Suite legacy free edition can be found here.

For businesses, the G Suite legacy free edition will no longer be available after June 27, 2022. Your account will be automatically transitioned to a paid Google Workspace subscription where we continue to deliver new capabilities to help businesses transform the way they work. In addition to recent innovations like smart canvas, meetings in documents, and dedicated Spaces to help organize people, topics and projects, Google Workspace includes more storage, increased security, 24/7 support, and more.

To complete your upgrade, you'll need to set up Google Workspace billing.

For individuals and families that used your account for non-commercial purposes, you can identify as a personal user and revert to a no-cost subscription by clicking the button below (requires a super administrator account). You can continue using your custom domain(s) with Gmail, retain access to no-cost Google services such as Google Drive and Google Meet, and keep your purchases and data.

I used my account for personal use

If you get an error after clicking the button, read about resolving errors.

As of August 21, 2023, you can no longer identify as a personal user and revert to a no-cost subscription. If you already identified that you use your account for personal use, you don’t need to take any further action at this time.

Qualifying educational institutions have the option to migrate to a free edition, Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals, without service disruption. Nonprofit organizations may be eligible for one of our no cost or discounted Google Workspace for Nonprofits editions.

Learn more about the transition to Google Workspace.

Unlock premium features with Google Workspace

By upgrading to Google Workspace, you'll unlock 24/7 support and access to other premium collaboration and security features, based on the edition you choose.

Business Starter

  • Double the storage—30 GB of Drive storage pooled to securely keep over 100 different file types.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee—Depend on Google Workspace services being available when you need them.
  • Increased security—Protect devices and data with fundamental endpoint management and audit logs.
  • Add-on subscriptions—Add more subscriptions, such as adding Google Voice to get a dedicated business phone number.

Business Standard

  • More storage—Get 2 TB per user of Drive storage pooled to securely keep over 100 different file types.
  • Larger interactive meetings and enhanced meeting functionality—Up to 150 participants in Google Meet with Drive recordings, noise cancellation, polls, breakout rooms, and more.
  • Enhanced security and compliance controls—Better protect data and devices with fundamental endpoint management, fundamental data regions, and trusted external domains.
  • Organizational branding—Custom templates in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Sites
  • Enhanced collaboration—Advanced collaboration with guest access chat rooms, shared drives, document approvals, and visitor document sharing.

Enterprise Standard

  • More users—Add more than 300 users.
  • More storage—As much storage as you need to securely keep over 100 different file types.
  • Larger interactive meetings and advanced meeting functionality—Up to 500 participants in Google Meet with Drive recordings, noise cancellation, polls, Q&A, breakout rooms, attendance tracking, and live stream meetings within your domain.
  • Advanced security and compliance controls—Better protect your data, users, and devices with data loss prevention, enterprise endpoint management, data retention, and eDiscovery.
    • Data loss prevention—Help prevent sensitive data from being shared outside your organization.
    • Enterprise endpoint management—Control access based on user context, manage company-owned devices, and more.
    • Data retention and eDiscovery—Retain, search, and export your data with Vault.
  • Enhanced support—Get accelerated response times, intelligent triaging, and support of third-party apps.

Choose your Google Workspace subscription

Google Workspace includes all core services available in the G Suite legacy free edition, such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, and Chat. When choosing which Google Workspace edition to upgrade to, we recommend you consider these factors:

  • Number of users—Google Workspace Business editions can have up to 300 users. For more than 300 users, you'll need to upgrade to an Enterprise edition. If you have more than 20 users and need help identifying an upgrade path that best suits your needs, please contact Google Workspace Sales.
  • Features you currently use—Make sure you choose an edition that includes the features you rely on today.
  • Features you’d like to use in the future—Are there features you’d like to add that you aren’t using now?

The tables below provide examples of premium features to help you choose the best option for your needs.

Sign in to compare features

If you're already an administrator for a G Suite or Google Workspace account, sign in now to compare features across available editions: Sign in to your account (doesn't end in gmail.com).

Google Workspace for Education free and paid editions

If you are a qualifying educational institution, you can remain on a free subscription by transitioning to Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals. With this transition, you will incur no additional expenses and no disruption to your service. Education Fundamentals will remain free for qualifying educational institutions.

To upgrade your educational institution to Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals, go to Get started with Google Workspace for Education.

Google Workspace for nonprofits

You might be eligible to upgrade to a Nonprofits edition. If you're already using this edition at no cost, you can continue doing so without any change to your service.

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