Get started: Voice setup guide for admins

Set up Voice for your organization

After your organization signs up for Google Voice, your team can get phone numbers for calls, text messages, and voicemail. Users can link their number to any mobile or landline number and access Voice on their smartphones and computers.

Before you begin

 Setup steps (recommended)

  1. Add Voice to Google Workspace
  2. Add your Voice locations
  3. Assign Voice licenses to users
  4. Assign Voice numbers to users
  5. Support your Voice users

Additional setup steps

Depending on your organization, you may need to finish additional setup steps.

  • Port business numbers—If your organization has existing phone numbers with another service provider, you can port (or move) those numbers to Google Voice.
  • Migrate an existing Voice user to a managed account—Before Google Voice for Google Workspace was available, people in the U.S. could use their work or school account to sign up for Google Voice. You can migrate these unmanaged accounts to managed accounts.
  • Assign a Voice admin role to a team member—To let someone else in your organization do Google Voice tasks, such as assigning numbers, setting up desk phones, or managing user licenses, give them an administrator role with Voice privileges. If you assign a user the Voice admin role, they can also manage user licenses for other Google services.

Activate advanced features

Features like ring groups and auto attendants can expand what you can do on your Google Voice network. After initial setup, activate these features to get the most out of Voice for Workspace.

Note: Certain features are subscription-based. To learn more about what features are available for each subscription tier, read Compare Voice features by plan.

Use Google SIP Link

With Google SIP Link, you can connect your existing carrier to Google through a set of certified Session Border Controllers (SBC). This flexibility allows you to use your existing telecommunication infrastructure and maintain uninterrupted service with your current carrier.

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