Delete a user

If a user leaves your organization, you might want to delete their Google enterprise account. This destroys all the user's mail messages, and they'll no longer be able to sign in to their account. Other data is purged within a matter of days. See below for details.

Trying to resolve a conflicting account? Don't delete someone's user account to address a conflicting account problem if that person is actively using Google enterprise services for mail, calendar, and other core services. Instead, see how to resolve a conflicting account.

Important: Before you delete a user's account
  • Transfer ownership of shared calendars. If the user created a shared calendar that you'd like someone else to now manage, give the other user permission to "Make changes AND manage sharing" on the shared calendar.
  • Transfer document ownership. Deleting a user deletes any online documents they own within five days. To retain these documents, you should first transfer ownership of all documents to another user, or ask the user to transfer ownership of selected documents.
  • Remove an administrator from Postini services. If Postini services are enabled for your account and the user you want to delete is an administrator, you must first remove the user from the list of administrators in the Postini Services console. For details, see transferring Postini administration rights to a different user.
You might also consider other ways to extract data before deleting a user's  account.
What happens to a deleted user's data?
  • Mail. All messages in the user's account are lost.
  • Calendar. The user's primary calendar is deleted within five days. Shared calendars created by the user aren't deleted, but for another user to continue managing the shared calendar, you need to give the other user permission to "Make changes AND manage sharing" on the shared calendar.
  • Documents. Shared documents created by the user are deleted within five days unless ownership is transferred (see above for details).
  • Sites pages. Site pages created by the user are not deleted. However as administrator, you can remove the sites.
  • Non-core services. Content in the user's non-core services (such as YouTube and Picasa Web Albums) is deleted.
How to delete a user
  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Check the box next to the user (or users) you want to delete.
  4. Click .
  5. When prompted, confirm that you want to delete the user.
  6. If necessary, delete the user from your Gmail contacts list.

Restoring a deleted account. You can restore a recently deleted account for up to five days. After this period, deleted accounts can't be recovered.