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Google Apps is now G Suite. Same service, new name. More about the name change.

Migrate data between your G Suite accounts

If you create a new G Suite account for your organization, you can migrate your Gmail and Contacts data and information in Google Calendar, Drive, and Sites from your old G Suite account to your new one. You can also migrate a personal Gmail account to your new G Suite account.

Data transfer options are available for these types of data:

  • (Recommended) The data migration service is clientless, cloud-based, and easy to set up and monitor. You do everything in the Google Admin console.
  • G Suite Migration for Microsoft® Exchange (GAMME) is a utility that migrates your mail, including labels and archived mail, to another account. GAMME can also migrate other data, but requires you to install the tool first.
  • POP and IMAP—You can download your Gmail to your computer via Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) access with a local desktop client, such as Outlook® or Mozilla® Thunderbird®. POP and IMAP download your mail in different ways. See Get started with IMAP and POP3 for details.
You must remove folder size limits before using an IMAP mail client or GAMME to migrate messages. See Enable IMAP and POP for G Suite for details.

You can export Gmail contacts to a CSV file and then use that file to migrate your contacts.


You can use an iCal® file to migrate publicly shared calendars to your new G Suite account. You can also download all the calendars in your My calendars list or you can choose to share individual calendars with email addresses in your new account. See Export your calendar for details.

Drive files

Using Drive, you can manually download a file to your computer that you can then move to Drive in your new G Suite account. You can also share individual documents with email addresses in your new account and then copy them. Alternatively, you can use the Drive REST API to export and import documents.

Note: Forms are the one type of file which can't be downloaded. If you want to migrate a form, you'll first need to share it with the destination domain, and then make a copy of the form and any Sheet linked to it. 


You can share individual sites with an email address on your new domain and then transfer the website to G Suite.

Other G Suite

There are options for migrating data from other G Suite products. See Moving product data for details.

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