Let graduating students transfer data

As an Education edition administrator, you can let users from your school transfer copies of their documents and emails to another Google Account by setting data transfer permissions in Google Takeout. By default, Takeout is turned on for all organizations, but as an admin, you can specify which organizations can copy their data to another Google Account. For example, you can let graduating students transfer data.

Note: Because Google Takeout is an Additional Service, please obtain parental consent before allowing students under the age of 18 to transfer their data using Google Takeout.

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Set transfer permissions
  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in @gmail.com).

  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu ""and then"" Appsand thenAdditional Google services.
  3. Go to Google Takeoutand thenAdditional transfer permissions.
  4. If you have multiple organizational units, select the organization for which you want to set transfer options.
  5. Check the box to allow accounts in the selected organization to transfer content to another Google Account.
  6. Click Save.

Note: If you turn off file sharing outside of your domain, this feature doesn’t work even if you select the content transfer option.

What data is copied?

A user can transfer copies of their documents and folders they own in My Drive and documents shared with them to another Google Account. However, if a document owner has restricted sharing by disabling downloads and copies for commenters and viewers, the transfer process respects those settings.

No documents are deleted during the process; copies are created in the new account while the original documents remain unchanged. No data is copied if you turned off file sharing outside of your domain.

Let your students know about the transfer process
If students are getting ready to transfer or graduate, they can set up the transfer on their Google Account pages. You can send students this article to let them know about the transfer process.
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