How brand accounts work with YouTube

A brand account is an account that is specifically for your brand. This account is different from your personal Google account. If a channel is linked to a Brand Account, multiple people can manage it from their Google Accounts. You don't need a separate username or password to manage YouTube channels with a Brand Account.

You should connect your YouTube Channel to a brand account if:  

  • You want to use a different name on YouTube than your Google Account. Learn more.
  • You want to give other people access to your YouTube account, but not to your Google Account.
  • You don't want viewers to see your name or email address. There's no public association between your Google Account and the Brand Account. 
  • You want to manage multiple channels from one account. This helps if you have more than one YouTube channel. Learn more.

Ready to create a brand account? 

  1. First, check to see if you already have a brand account.
  2. Sign in to YouTube.
  3. Go to your channel list.
  4. Click Create a new channel.
  5. Fill out the details to name the Brand Account and verify your account. Then, click Create. This creates your new Brand Account.

Other Google services that support brand accounts

You can use certain services with your account, like Google Photos and YouTube. You'll be able to communicate, connect, and share info with customers and fans with your Brand Account.

To manage who can see and interact with your content, you can adjust your settings for each service.

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