Channel memberships FAQs

Channels using this feature are able to earn revenue when viewers purchase a membership to get public badges, emoji, and access to creator perks offered by the channel from time to time, via monthly recurring payments.

Learn how you can become a channel member

How can I get channel memberships on my channel?

We're rolling this feature out to more channels. You’ll need to meet minimum eligibility requirements to be considered for channel memberships. You'll be notified if the feature is available on your channel, and when you do, you’ll see it at If you're eligible for channel memberships, here’s how to turn it on.

I sometimes hear the name sponsorships, is that different?

No. Channel memberships used to be called sponsorships. We changed the name in June 2018. You can read more about the name change in our Creator blog.

Why can't I see the Join button?

There could be a number of reasons for this, including:
  • The feature is not launched on the channel.
  • The feature is not launched in your country.
  • This feature will only appear on eligible video watch pages of participating channels. For example, watch pages of videos claimed by certain music partners are not eligible.

How much of a channel membership payment goes to the creator?

Creators receive 70% of membership revenue, and YouTube retains 30%, after local sales tax is deducted. All transaction costs (including credit card fees) are currently covered by YouTube.
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