Sponsor a YouTube channel

Through recurring monthly payments, sponsorships allow you to purchase digital goods such as badges and emoji, and can allow you access to special perks. If a channel has sponsorships enabled, you'll see a Sponsor button on their channel or watch page on gaming.youtube.com or the YouTube Gaming app.

Note: A small number of channels now have Sponsorships on the main YouTube app and site as part of a beta. For more details, see Main app beta.

When you sponsor a channel, you’ll get a sponsor badge next to your messages in that channel’s live chat. You’ll also get access to live chats for sponsors when the channel enables them.

Sponsor a channel

  1. Visit gaming.youtube.com or open the YouTube Gaming app. Go to a video uploaded by the creator you'd like to support and see if they have enabled Sponsorships on their channel.
  2. Click or tap Sponsor .  
  3. Follow the prompts to enter your payment information. 
  4. Click or tap Buy. 

You’ll see a welcome announcement once your transaction is complete. When you have an active paid sponsorship, you will be automatically charged at the start of each monthly billing cycle. 

Currently, you cannot activate a sponsorship on the YouTube Gaming iOS app. However, all of the features will be visible on iOS once your sponsorship is active. 

International pricing

The price to sponsor a channel varies by country. 

Country Price
Argentina ARS 49.90
Australia AUD 5.99
Austria EUR 4.99
Belgium EUR 4.99
Bosnia and Herzegovina USD 4.99
Brazil BRL 7.99
Canada CAD 4.99
Chile CLP 2490
Colombia COP 9990
Denmark DKK 49
Finland EUR 4.99
France EUR 4.99
Germany EUR 4.99
Greece EUR 4.99
Hong Kong HKD 25
Hungary HUF 990
India INR 159
Ireland EUR 4.99
Italy EUR 4.99
Japan JPY 490
Macedonia USD 4.99
Mexico MXN 49
Netherlands EUR 4.99
New Zealand NZD 5.99
Norway NOK 49
Peru PEN 7.99
Phillipines PHP 129
Poland PLN 15
Portugal EUR 4.99
Russia RUB 249
Senegal USD 4.99
Slovakia EUR 4.99
Slovenia EUR 4.99
South Korea KRW 4990
Spain EUR 4.99
Sweden SEK 49
Switzerland CHF 5.95
Taiwan TWD 75
Uganda USD 4.99
United Kingdom GBP 4.99
United States USD 4.99
Update or cancel a sponsorship

When you have an active paid sponsorship, you’ll be automatically charged at the start of each monthly billing cycle. You can view your next billing date and manage your sponsorship at youtube.com/purchases.

Update a sponsorship payment

You can change the credit card used for a paid sponsorship in the subscriptions section of your Google account. Note that you may need to add a new card to your Google account first.

Cancel a sponsorship payment

You can cancel a sponsorship at any time by clicking the Manage sponsorship button on the creator’s channel or watch page. Note that this is not currently possible on iOS.

You can also cancel your sponsorship by following the steps below:

  1. Visit youtube.com/purchases.
  2. Find the sponsorship under Active subscriptions.
  3. Click Cancel subscription next to the channel name.
  4. Confirm that you'd like to cancel by clicking Unsubscribe.

When you cancel a paid sponsorship you will not be charged again unless you reactivate it. You’ll have the live chat badge and access to sponsors-only live chats when available until the end of that billing period.

You can reactivate your sponsorship at any time. If you reactivate it while you’re still in an active billing cycle, you will not be charged until the current billing cycle ends. 

Learn about YouTube’s refund policy for paid subscriptions. 

Sponsorship benefits

By sponsoring a channel on YouTube, you will gain certain benefits:

  • Exclusive sponsorship badge in live chat
  • Exclusive access to sponsors-only live chat (when offered by creators)
  • Exclusive access to a channel's custom emojis in live chat (when offered by creators)
  • "Slow mode" in live chat does not apply to sponsors

Send custom emojis

Emojis can be sent from the YouTube Gaming website or Android and iOS YouTube Gaming applications. Emojis can only be used on the channel that originally uploaded them.

Emojis can be used in 2 ways:
  • Emoji icon - Emojis can be picked from the text entry field within live chat.
  • Custom chat commands - Each channel has a "family name" to specify all emojis for their particular channel and each emoji has its own unique emoji name.
    • On the web, you can auto-complete all emojis by typing in ":" + family name + emoji name + ":". You will be able to see all emojis visually.
    • On the YouTube mobile app, you can send custom emojis using the full family name and emoji name (i.e. send ":" + family name + emoji name + ":").
Main app beta

By sponsoring a channel that is part of the main app beta, your exclusive sponsorship badge will appear in your comments on the main app as well as your live chat.

Some channels participating in the main app beta may also:

  • Make posts that only sponsors can see on the Community tab.
  • Offer access to creator perks from time to time that they create and offer themselves (note that creators will fulfill creator perks, not YouTube).


You'll be notified about sponsors-only creator posts in the Community tab, unless you've opted out of these notifications, have selected "None" in the bell settings of this channel, or have turned off all notifications for the YouTube app.

Subscribe to a channel you've sponsored

If you're not subscribed to a channel, we'll subscribe you to the channel when you become a sponsor. This will allow you to see sponsors-only creator posts in your Subscriptions feed.

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