Sponsor a channel on the main YouTube app and site

A small number of channels have Sponsorships on the main YouTube app and site as part of a beta. Through recurring monthly payments, Sponsorships on the main YouTube site and app allow you to purchase public badges, emoji and access to creator perks offered by the channel from time to time.  

Note: Note: A different form of Sponsorships is offered by many channels on YouTube Gaming. Learn more about sponsoring a channel on YouTube Gaming.

Sponsor a channel

Sponsor a participating channel on the main YouTube site and app.

  1. Visit youtube.com or open the YouTube app.
  2. Go to a video uploaded by the creator you'd like to support and see if they have enabled Sponsorships on their channel.
  3. Click or tap Sponsor .  
  4. Follow the prompts to enter your payment information. 
  5. Click or tap Buy. 

You’ll see a welcome announcement once your transaction is complete. When you have an active paid sponsorship, you will be automatically charged at the start of each monthly billing cycle. 

Currently, you cannot activate a sponsorship on the YouTube Gaming iOS app. However, all of the features will be visible on iOS once your sponsorship is active.  

Sponsorship benefits

By sponsoring a channel on YouTube, you will gain certain benefits:

  • Exclusive public-facing sponsorship badge next to your user name in comments and live chat on the channel you are sponsoring
  • Exclusive access to sponsors-only live chat (if offered by the channel creators)
  • Exclusive access to a channel's public-facing custom emoji in live chat (if offered by the channel creators)
  • "Slow mode" in live chat does not apply to active paid sponsors
  • Access to sponsors-only posts on the channel’s Community tab (if offered by the channel)
  • Access to creator perks which may be offered by the channel from time to time and subject to change

By sponsoring a channel that is part of the main YouTube site and app beta, your exclusive sponsorship badge will appear in all comments and live chats that you make on that channel.

If you sponsor a Gaming channel on the main YouTube app and site, you will also receive Sponsorship benefits on YouTube Gaming. Please note that there is no Community tab on YouTube Gaming. 

Creator Perks

Channels with sponsorships enabled on the main YouTube app and youtube.com may offer their active paid sponsors access to certain creator perks.  You can see them  by  clicking on the “Sponsor” button. Access to creator perks may be offered by the channel from time to time and they are subject to change. Creator perks are offered and fulfilled by the channel, YouTube is not responsible for creator perks.

Update or cancel a sponsorship

When you have an active paid sponsorship, you’ll be automatically charged at the start of each monthly billing cycle. You can view your next billing date and manage your sponsorship at youtube.com/purchases.

Update a sponsorship payment

You can change the credit card used for a paid sponsorship in the subscriptions section of your Google account. Note that you may need to add a new card to your Google account first.

Cancel a sponsorship payment

To cancel a sponsorship at any time, open the sponsorships management screen on any of the channel’s videos or on their channel page.

You can also cancel your sponsorship by following the steps below on a computer:

  1. Visit youtube.com/purchases.
  2. Find the sponsorship under Active subscriptions.
  3. Click Cancel subscription next to the channel name.
  4. Confirm that you'd like to cancel by clicking Unsubscribe.

When you cancel a paid sponsorship you will not be charged again unless you reactivate it. You’ll receive sponsorship benefits until the end of that billing period.

You can reactivate your sponsorship at any time. If you reactivate it during the same billing cycle as you canceled it, you will not be charged until that current billing cycle ends. 

Learn about YouTube’s refund policy for paid subscriptions. 

Subscribe to a channel you've sponsored

If you're not subscribed to a channel, we'll subscribe you to the channel when you become a sponsor of that channel if you are not subscribed to it already. This will allow you to see sponsors-only creator posts in your Subscriptions feed. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Sponsorship notifications

When channels that you're sponsoring create sponsors-only posts, you'll be notified about them in the Community tab, unless you've:
  • Opted out of these notifications
  • Selected "None" in the bell settings of this channel
  • Turned off all notifications for the YouTube app

Report inappropriate perks

After you've clicked the "Sponsor" button, if you see an offering that you believe is in breach of YouTube's Community Guidelines (including sexual, violent or hateful content, misleading offers, or spam), you can report it by clicking "Report perks" in the offer screen upon clicking the "Sponsor" button.

Paused sponsorships

In certain scenarios (e.g. if a channel leaves or changes its multi-channel network), sponsorships may be paused on channels. If sponsorships on a channel is paused, monthly recurring payments by active paid sponsors, their monthly billing cycles, and their access to sponsorships offerings (e.g., badges, emoji, sponsor-only Community posts) will be paused. If sponsorships is resumed by the channel, paid sponsors who were active prior to the pause will resume receiving sponsorship offerings and their monthly recurring payment will also be resumed. 
Sponsorships can remain paused on a channel for a maximum of 90 days: after that point sponsorships and sponsors’ monthly recurring payments will be canceled.

Terminated sponsorships

If a channel terminates or loses access to the sponsorships feature (e.g. if it is no longer part of the YouTube Partner Program), all monthly recurring payments, and access to all sponsorships offerings from that channel will be cancelled immediately. Viewers who were sponsors at the time of termination will automatically be refunded for their last payment. 


Why can't I see the Sponsor button?

There could be a number of reasons for this:
  • The feature is not launched on the channel.
  • The feature is not launched in all countries (see "Monthly pricing for Sponsorships on YouTube Gaming" for a list of launched countries).

How much of my sponsorship payment goes to the creator?

Creators receive 70% of sponsorship revenue and YouTube retains 30% after local sales tax is deducted. All transaction costs (including credit card fees) are currently covered by YouTube.
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