Sponsorships benefits

Channels enabled for sponsorships can create sponsorships benefits, these are benefits that are only available to your active paid sponsors. These include custom emoji, badges, and access to perks you offer.

All benefits you offer must comply with our sponsorships policies.  

Sponsorships perks

You must develop at least one perk (and up to five perks) that you will offer to your sponsors. Your perks must comply with our policies and terms, and you must deliver all creator perks you offer. YouTube takes no responsibility for your creator perks; you must carefully consider whether you will be able to deliver what you offer to your sponsors' satisfaction.

Sponsor-only Community posts

You can use the community tab to share content only with your sponsors. Follow these steps to make sponsor-only Community posts:
  1. Click the Account icon  and select My channel.
  2. Click the Community tab.
  3. In the dropdown menu, choose whether to make the post public or sponsors-only. Public is the default setting.
  4. Enter your post in the text field.
  5. Click Post.
Sponsor-only live chat
You can hold live chats that are exclusively for your sponsors. Follow these steps on desktop to turn on sponsor-only live chat:
  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Go to Creator Studio.
  3. In the menu on the left, select Live streaming > Events.
  4. Under Chat, check the box next to Only sponsors may send messages.
  5. Select Go live now.

Custom channel badges

Upload custom channel badges

Sponsors will stand out in live chat, comments, and the Community tab via exclusive sponsors-only badges. 
There are six different badges. Durations are calculated based on the total sum of all sponsored time, regardless of whether a viewer has taken a break (i.e. they don’t only reflect consecutive sponsoring). Your sponsors will progress to the next badge automatically, after they have sponsored you for the relevant amount of time.
There are default badges, but you should upload and customize your badges at youtube.com/sponsors > Loyalty Badges.
If you don’t upload a different badge into each available slot, any empty slots will be filled by the highest custom badge that you have uploaded, or the default YouTube badge for that duration (if you have only uploaded custom badges at higher durations).

Custom channel badges specifications

File format: JPEG, or PNG files.
File size: Less than 1MB.
Image dimensions: 32px x 32px.
Badges will render at 14px x 14px in comments and the Community tab and 16px x 16px in live chat.

Custom emoji 

Upload custom emoji
Sponsors will gain access to one or more exclusive custom emoji that can be sent via YouTube in any of your live chats. By default, there are no custom emoji. To upload custom emoji, go to youtube.com/sponsors and select Add emoji.

Family Name

When you upload your first emoji, you will create a prefix name for all of your emoji, called a "family name." Sponsors will use this name to auto-complete your emoji.
Choose this family name carefully as it cannot be changed once it is set, even by deleting and re-uploading all your emoji. Family names are not unique across YouTube and must be 3-10 characters.

As a best practice, we recommend picking a family name that is easily recognizable as your brand. 

Emoji Name

Each emoji will have a name that sponsors can use to auto-complete in live chat. To change the emoji name, you must delete and re-upload the emoji. Emoji names must be 3-10 characters and unique within their emoji family (but not across YouTube).

Number of custom emoji you can upload

As you gain more sponsors, you will unlock additional slots for more custom emoji. You will not be notified when new slots are unlocked.

# Sponsors # Emojis
0 4
2 5
5 6
10 7
15 8
20 9
30 10
40 11
50 12
75 13
100 14
125 15
150 16
175 17
200 18
225 19
250 20
300 21
350 22
400 23
450 24
500 25
600 26
700 27
800 28
900 29
1000 30
1200 31
1400 32
1600 33
1800 34
2000 35
2200 36
2400 37
2600 38
2800 39
3000 40
3200 41
3400 42
3600 43
3800 44
4000 45
4200 46
4400 47
4600 48
4800 49
5000 Talk to us
Custom emoji specifications
File format: GIF, JPEG, and PNG files are preferred. Note: GIFs will be displayed as a static image, not an animation.
File size: Less than 1MB.
Image dimensions: 48px x 48px (preferred) to 480px x 480px.

Device differences

Emoji will show up in different sizes on mobile devices and on computer monitors. Here’s how to make sure your emoji look good on both platforms:
On mobile devices: Emoji show at 24x24 points. The image is scaled to match the pixel density of the device.
On most monitors: Emoji show at 24x24 points. On Retina and HiDPI devices, the images show at 48x48 points or higher.

What can I design?

Emoji are a way for your to express your creativity. Learn more about designing emoji
Keep in mind that all sponsorships benefits — including badges, emoji, perks you offer, videos, live chats, and other content — offered through YouTube sponsorships is also subject to sponsorships policies.
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