Manage channel memberships

We are currently rolling out this feature on the main YouTube app and site to some channels. If you’re in this group, you’ll see this feature at Learn more about channel membership eligibility

Learn more about what you can offer your members and how your viewers experience memberships.

Note that each channel participating in memberships (including its offerings) is responsible for complying with our terms and policies, including YouTube's Community Guidelines, as well as applicable local government laws and regulations.

See your members

You won't receive a notification if you get a new member while you're offline. You can see all of your active members, how long they've been a member, and their subscriber count at Members can cancel their membership at any time.

While live streaming

If using Stream now:
  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Go to Creator Studio and then Live Streaming and then Stream Now.
  3. Look for the Memberships module in your live dashboard.

If using Events:

  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Go to Creator Studio and then Live Streaming and then Events.
  3. Select your live stream.
  4. Click Live Control Room.
  5. Click Open Memberships in a new window to view your memberships module.

If you are live streaming when a new viewer joins your channel membership, a bright green "New Member" message will be sent in live chat. This message will be pinned at the top of chat for 5 minutes.

Promote memberships
You can add /join to the end of your channel URL to link directly to your membership offer window. 
You can add this link:
  • To your video description.
  • On cards and end screens in your videos. 
Block members from commenting
You cannot remove anyone who has joined as a member, but you can block comments. To block comments from specific viewers, you’ll need to set up comment and live chat filters

Channel membership revenue, pricing, and refunds

Revenue share

Creators receive 70% of membership revenue after local sales tax is deducted. All transaction costs (including credit card fees) are currently covered by YouTube.
Revenue share for creators in MCNs
If you are a part of an MCN, you should consult with your network. Some MCNs may take an additional revenue share, meaning your revenue from memberships may be lower than 70% if you’re part of an MCN.
You and your MCN (as applicable) are responsible for complying with all tax laws applicable to your membership revenue.

Revenue reporting

You can see revenue reports in the YouTube Analytics > Transaction Revenue Report. You'll receive membership revenue in the same way that you receive ad revenue with AdSense.

Cancellations, terminations, and refunds

Members can cancel their membership at any time.
If a member requests a refund, YouTube has sole discretion as to the validity of that claim, and may deduct from the channel the channel’s share of the revenue to be refunded. Learn about YouTube’s refund policy for paid memberships.

If membership is terminated on a channel (including, by voluntarily disabling it, or as a result of breaching our terms or policies, or being removed from the YouTube Partner Program), all active paid members on that channel at the time of such termination will receive a refund of their last month’s payment for membership on that channel, and the channel’s share of the revenue to be refunded will be deducted from the channel.


The Join button may not be visible on some videos. We're aware of this and are hoping to make more videos eligible for the Join button going forward.


  • Remind viewers they can become a member by clicking on the Join button on your channel page. 
  • You can add /join to the end of your channel URL to link directly to your membership offer window. 
There could be a number of reasons for this:
  • The feature is not launched on your channel.
  • The feature is only launched on your channel on YouTube Gaming.
  • The feature is not launched in all countries.
  • If your viewers are using the old version of YouTube on desktop, they can switch at
  • The "Join" button is not yet launched on some platforms. Viewers can, however, become members on desktop. You can still get access to perks on all platforms if you sign up on desktop.
  • The "Join" button will only appear on eligible video watch pages of participating channels. For example, watch pages of videos claimed by certain music partners are not eligible.
How can I get more data about my members?
We have a Sponsorships API that gives you access to the following info about your members. If you use a 3rd-party company to offer perks, you can choose to share this information about your members with them so you can deliver memberships benefits. 
  • Channel ID
  • Username
  • Channel URL
  • Profile picture
  • When they signed up to become a member
Note: The Sponsorships API currently does not provide information about a member’s level.
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