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YouTube Shopping lets eligible creators easily promote products from their own shops or other brands across YouTube. Through YouTube Shopping, you can:

  • Connect your shop to YouTube to feature your own products in your content.
  • Tag products from other brands in your content.
  • Check your Shopping analytics in YouTube Analytics to view the performance of tagged products.

YouTube Shopping features include:

  • Your channel's shop
  • Products from your connected shop shown in the description and product shelf 
  • Tagged products in your videos, Shorts and live streams
  • Pinned products in your live streams

Promote your own products

To promote your own products like merch on YouTube, you can:

  1. Meet the eligibility criteria
  2. Connect your shop to YouTube
  3. Tag products from your shop to feature them in your content

YouTube Shopping: Tag & Sell Products from Your Store

Viewers in these locations can browse and buy your products across these surfaces on YouTube:

  • In your channel's shop
  • As products in the video description
  • In a product shelf below your content
  • With the Shopping button on your content 
  • As a pinned product in live streams

Note: We display products to viewers depending on the countries of sale that the shop sets in Google Merchant Center. You can contact your retailer or online shop admin for more details. Platforms and retailers are solely responsible for supporting delivery in local markets. You can go to the platform or retailer website for up-to-date info on their local delivery support. You can also learn more about how merchants can edit countries of sale.

Channel eligibility to promote your own products

To promote your own products across YouTube, your channel must meet these minimum requirements:

Once you've confirmed that you fit the eligibility criteria, you can connect your shop to turn on Shopping features for your channel. If you don't meet the YPP or subscriber threshold, you can review these resources to help grow your channel.

Promote products from other brands

You can tag and promote products from other brands in your content. To tag products from other brands in your content, you must:

  1. Fit the eligibility criteria.
  2. Follow our tagging guidelines.
  3. Tag products in your content.

Channel eligibility to promote products from other brands

To promote products from other brands in your content, your channel must meet these minimum requirements:

  • You are in the YouTube Partner Programme
  • You are based in South Korea or the United States.
  • Your channel has more than 20,000 subscribers.
  • Your channel is not a music channel, an Official Artist Channel or associated with music partners. Music partners may include music labels, distributors, publishers or Vevo.
Your channel audience isn't set as Made for Kids and your channel doesn't have a significant number of videos set as Made for Kids.

Shopping performance and revenue

Products from your connected shops

You can view the high-level performance of your tagged products in the Shopping section of YouTube Studio or with expanded reports in YouTube Analytics. For detailed and updated revenue info, go to the website of your merch platform or retailer. As a reminder, all payments for the sale of merch and products are paid through your merch retailer or platform. YouTube and AdSense are not involved.

Products from other brands

You can use expanded reports in YouTube Analytics to measure engagement with your tagged products and find out how much of your traffic comes from product pages.


Products from your connected shops

Your official merch retailer or platform (not Google) is responsible for all aspects of merch sales including, but not limited to:

  • Merchandising
  • Warehousing
  • Order fulfilment
  • Refunds
  • Customer service
  • Inventory management
  • Creator or artist payment

Data sharing between retailers or platforms and Google

Data relating to merchandise sales and visits will be shared between retailers and Google for product improvements and to give you relevant analytics. For example, we may share data that we get from your retailer on total monthly merchandise sales in your YouTube Studio. We may also use this data to assess whether new features help to drive more sales for your channel. Retailers get data relating to traffic coming from YouTube Shopping features for their analytics.

Your retailer's handling and use of Shopping data will be governed by their own terms and conditions including their privacy policy. Google's handling and use of such Shopping data will be governed by our Privacy Policy. Make sure that you read and understand these policies.

Products from other brands

When you feature products from other brands, any transactions and activities on the retailer website are governed by the retailers' Terms and Conditions, including their privacy policies. The retailer will figure out the final price and applicable fees and taxes. The retailer will handle the entire order, including:

  • Fulfilling the order
  • Delivery
  • Payment
  • Support (including returns and refunds)

For any issues or questions related to the order, including returns and refunds, viewers can get in touch with the retailer.

Channel-exclusive product listings

Eligible merchants can share product listings exclusively with specific YouTube channels from inside their Google Merchant Center accounts or in the dedicated flow within the Cafe24 platform. Merchants can do so by indicating as part of their listing feeds which channel's handle a specific product listing should be exclusive to. By using this feature, merchants confirm that those products or product promotions are exclusive to a specific YouTube channel and are not available on other sales channels or to other YouTube creators. These listings are marked as exclusive to that channel for the duration of the listing and are highlighted to viewers if they are discounted and/or time-limited. Exclusive listings are subject to the merchant's Terms and Conditions, including their privacy policies. The merchant determines and is responsible for the final price and conditions of purchase.

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