Search for hotels on Google

You can compare and book hotels using Google Search.

  • Filter hotels by price, location, ratings, and hotel class.
  • View hotel details, including photos and reviews.
  • Reserve a room with one of our booking partners.

Search for a hotel

  1. Visit Google.
  2. In the search bar, enter “hotels in,” followed by the city or region in which you want to stay.
  3. Scroll to the hotel results box within the search results.
  4. In the hotel results box, pick your dates or click the link at the bottom of the box to view all hotel results.

Focus your hotel search

  • At the top of the page, adjust your dates or use the filters to narrow your hotel search by price, rating, hotel class, and amenities.
  • Use the map to see the location and other hotels in the area.

Book a hotel

  1. Select a hotel.
  2. Tap or click Book a room.
  3. Verify your dates and other specifications, then choose a booking option.
  4. Complete the transaction on the hotel or travel agency's website. 

Note: Some hotels and travel agencies allow you to complete your booking directly on Google. In these cases, follow the steps to book a hotel on Google.

Hotel prices

Hotel prices come from Google's partners who use a service called the Hotel Prices Application Programming Interface (API). Learn about the steps and ongoing tasks that partners take to send prices to Google.

Sometimes our partners offer special lower prices that aren't available to everyone. For example, a price might be available only to people who are signed in to their Google Account or on a mobile device. To find out if the prices listed aren't offered to everyone, select Information Information.

Note: Prices are subject to change. (Disclaimer)

Hotel deals

To help you with your hotel search, we highlight great deals by adding a “Deal” badge next to the hotel name. There are two types of deals:

  • Hotels priced below their normal rate or below the rates of similar hotels nearby. You can see the price difference compared to the usual rate.
  • Hotels where a partner is offering a discount compared to the current market price for that hotel. The savings amount is shown.
Hotel classes

To help you better compare accommodation options, Google assigns class ratings to hotels. Each hotel receives a rating between one and five stars. You can use these ratings to narrow your search.

Google gathers data for these ratings from a variety of sources, including third-party partners, direct research, feedback from hoteliers, and machine learning inference that examines and evaluates hotel attributes, such as price, location, room size, and amenities. A two-star hotel may have modest rooms and economy pricing, while a four-star hotel might feature upscale decor, a dedicated concierge, 24-hour room service, and luxury amenities such as bathrobes and minibars. Class ratings should be comparable across the results of any given hotel search.

Hotels that do not show a class rating have not yet been evaluated by Google. To provide feedback on hotel classes, contact us.

Hotel ads

Below where you’ve entered your travel dates, you’ll see ads from our hotel partners related to your search. These ads are based on your current search terms and may be based on whether you’re signed in to a Google Account.

Prices are the public rates available from our partners for the dates you selected. You may also be eligible to see lower prices that aren’t public. Learn more about ads.

Hotel stays

To help with your hotel search, we highlight hotels you’ve stayed in before or booked for an upcoming stay. You’ll see text such as "You stayed here recently" under the hotel name in your search results.

We chose these hotels based on emails about hotel reservations in your Gmail account.

Note: To see this badge, you need to be signed in to your Google account.

If you do not want to see recommendations like these, you can turn off private search results. Change your search settings.

Cancellations and refunds

Any trip changes, cancellations, and refunds must be handled with the booking partner directly. 

You can find the booking partner's contact info on the booking confirmation page or in the confirmation email from the partner. If you booked a hotel directly on Google, you can find the partner's contact info in the confirmation email from Google.

Info Google stores about my searches

Info about your previous searches and saved hotels are stored in your Search History. The dates of your last search are also stored temporarily and used across Google when you search for hotels.

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