Search for hotels on Google

Hotel search on Google helps you discover, compare, and book accommodations for your trip. You can:

  • Find hotels that match your needs and preferences. You can filter by parameters like price, location, user ratings, and hotel class.
  • Learn about a hotel and the surrounding area through photos, user reviews, amenity details, and location info.
  • Compare prices for your stay or reserve a room with one of our booking partners.

Start your hotel search on Google

There are 2 ways to start your hotel search on Google: 

  • Go to and enter your search terms and travel dates. If you’re just exploring, you can also choose among popular destinations.
  • Start on Search for “hotels in” the city or region you want to visit and add requirements, like “pet-friendly” or “near downtown.” Within the search results, you may find the hotel search unit, usually a list of 4 hotels with a map. Click the unit if you want to continue your search on Google.

How Google ranks hotels

Important: Hotels don’t pay Google to appear in hotel search results and can’t pay to influence their ranking. 

After you enter your search terms, you find a list of hotel results and a map that shows the same results. On mobile, you may find one or the other. By default, these results are sorted by relevance. Dozens of factors are considered in ranking by relevance, including your search terms and various hotel aspects, like:

  • Location
  • Price
  • User ratings and reviews

Your results may be personalized based on your browsing activity and recent searches on Google. If you’re signed in to your Google Account, personalization may also be based on your previous bookings. Your results may include messages to indicate personalization, for example “You searched for this hotel recently.” To control what you find, learn how to adjust your:

You might find one or more paid ads at the top of the results, indicated by an “Ad” badge and the name of the advertiser. These ads are selected and ranked by an auction in which Google considers bids and the quality of the ad. These ads only appear when they’re relevant to your search query and they have no impact on the search results. Learn more about hotel ads.

Narrow your hotel search

Each hotel result gives you a snapshot of that hotel. You can find info like the average user rating, key amenities, and the lowest price from our partners that can be booked for your dates. We tell you if the price is a good value compared to similar hotels in the area by showing a “Deal” or “Great deal” badge. Learn more about how we identify deals

You can also identify hotels whose sustainability practices meet the standards of accredited organizations by the green “eco-certified” badge. Learn more about Sustainability in hotels.

To help you find exactly what you’re searching for, you can adjust results with the filters and sort options at the top of the page. You can: 

  • Adjust your dates or the number of people in your group.
  • Sort your results by lowest price or highest user rating.
  • Filter your results by parameters like price, user rating, hotel class, and amenities.
  • Use the map to find where hotels are located, or adjust your search results based on a specific location.

Tip: Where available, you can also search for vacation rentals instead.

Learn more about a specific hotel

To learn more about a specific hotel, click anywhere on the listing to go to the hotel’s “placesheet” or detail page. Where available, you can also click View prices to get a list of the prices for your dates from Google partners.

On the “Overview” tab of the placesheet, you can find the hotel’s contact info, a link to its website, and driving directions. You can also find snapshots about the hotel’s location, user reviews, photos, and amenities. For more info, go to the relevant tab at the top of the page, or click the links provided. You may also find links to book hotel rooms through Google’s hotel, online travel agency, and metasearch partners.

Hotel prices

Hotel prices come from Google partners like hotel owners, online travel agencies, metasearch engines, and other travel providers. Learn more about how partners share prices with Google.

Our partners agree to our Price Accuracy Policy. This policy requires that prices they send to Google must include taxes and fees, and must match the total price you pay on their booking page. To help ensure that the prices partners display on Google are the prices you pay, we regularly check prices for accuracy. However, hotel prices can change quickly, so if you select to book with one of our partners, check the final cost of your room carefully.

Sometimes our partners offer prices that vary based on the following factors:

  • Your device type, for example mobile or computer
  • Whether you’re signed in to your Google account
  • Whether you’re part of an audience list

The “customized” prices have an asterisk (*) next to them.

Sometimes, you may find average prices displayed. Google calculates the average nightly prices shown for each property by finding the median rate over the next 90 days of availability.

Change the displayed currency of hotel prices

To find the currency selector, scroll to the bottom of the list of results. Selected currencies may not be available on all partner sites.

Hotel booking links

Below your travel dates, you may find booking links from our hotel partners related to your search. The links are based on your current search terms and may be based on whether you’re signed in to a Google Account.

Hotel partners can create booking links at no charge, or for a fee. Paid links always have an "Ads" badge. Google uses many factors to rank free booking links, including consumer preference, landing page experience, and historical accuracy of the prices provided to Google. Learn more about hotel free booking links.

Paid booking links, or hotel ads, are always clearly labeled with an “Ads” badge and listed as “Featured options.” Google ranks these ads according to an ad auction, based on a combination of bid and ad quality. This considers factors like relevance, price accuracy, and referral/landing page experience. Google may be compensated if you click a hotel ad, or in some cases, if you complete a booking. Learn more about hotel ads.

If you click a booking link, you go to the partner website to complete your booking. Customer service questions, including requests for changes, cancellations, or refunds should be directed to the booking partner.

Hotel deals

To help with your hotel search, we highlight prices that are a good value with a “Deal” or “Great Deal” badge next to the hotel name. There are 2 types of deals:

  • Hotels priced below their normal rate or below the rates of similar hotels nearby. 
    • To determine if a hotel is a good value, Google determines a “price ratio” for similar hotels in the area. We compare the average price over the past year for those hotels to the current average price. This comparison helps to account for seasonality, major events, or holidays. 
    • We then do the same calculation for the specific hotel, and compare the price ratio of the specific hotel to that of similar hotels nearby. If the specific hotel’s ratio is at least 15% lower than its peers, we label it a “Deal.” If it’s at least 25% lower, we label it a “Great Deal.” 
  • Hotels where a partner offers an explicit discount compared to the current market price for that hotel. The savings amount is shown as a percentage.
Hotel classes

To help you compare accommodation options, Google displays the official class rating assigned to hotels by local authorities where available or assigns class ratings to hotels. Each hotel receives a rating between one and five stars. 

Where we don’t have official ratings, Google gathers data from various sources. Sources include third-party partners, direct research, hoteliers feedback, and machine-learning inference that examines and evaluates hotel attributes, like price, location, room size, and amenities. A 2-star hotel may have modest rooms and economy pricing, while a 4-star hotel could feature upscale decor, a dedicated concierge, and luxury amenities. 

If a hotel doesn't show a class rating, it may not have an official rating from the relevant authority, or Google may not have evaluated it yet. To give feedback on hotel classes, contact us.

User reviews

Google gathers hotel reviews from signed-in users on Google Search and Maps. We use automated systems to remove spam and inappropriate language. We can remove any review that we think is fake or that doesn’t follow Google’s review policies. After a review is published, only its author can change or update it. The review can appear for as long as Google displays the reviewed accommodation.

We also license reviews from trusted third-party review providers. Google doesn’t do any additional filtering for spam or inappropriate language beyond that done by the provider, nor do we verify these reviews.

Many hotels display a review summary, which shows you the average rating out of 5 stars that Google users have given the hotel. This summary doesn’t include third-party reviews, even if third-party reviews are available for the hotel. We may also display summaries for specific topics, like rooms, service, location, and ratings by traveler type. TrustYou, a third party, provides these summaries.

Hotel amenities

To help with your hotel search, Google shows services and amenities offered at each hotel, like Wi-Fi or a swimming pool. This info can help you compare accommodation options and narrow your search.

Google collects hotel amenity info from various sources. The sources include hoteliers and their websites, third-party partners, direct research, and feedback from users.

If you notice an inaccurate amenity, ⁠contact us.

Sustainability features

Google may display information about hotel sustainability practices and eco-certifications where applicable. Learn more about Sustainability in hotels.

Hotel rooms

To help with your hotel search, Google may show info about the rooms at each hotel, like maximum occupancy or bed type. This info can help you compare accommodation options and narrow your search.

Google collects hotel room info from various sources. These sources include hoteliers and their websites, third-party partners, direct research, and feedback from users.

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