Search for hotels on Google

You can compare and book hotels using Google Search.

  • Filter hotels by price, location, ratings, and hotel class.
  • View hotel details, including photos and reviews.
  • Reserve a room with one of our booking partners.

Search for a hotel

  1. Go to
  2. In the search bar, enter hotels in the city or region where you want to stay. For example, hotels in Paris.
  3. Within the search results, scroll to the hotel results box.
  4. To see all hotel results, either:
    • Enter your dates.
    • At the bottom of the box, tap or click the link.



Narrow your hotel search

After searching for a hotel, along the top:

  • Adjust your dates.
  • Use the filters to narrow your search. You can filter by price, occupancy, user rating, hotel class, and amenities.
  • Use the map to see the location and other hotels in the area.

Personalize your search results

Your results may be personalized by your browsing activity and recent Google searches, as well as travel confirmations sent to your Gmail. Learn how to change your search and app activity and personalized search results.

Book a hotel

  1. Select a hotel.
  2. To view booking options, tap or click Check availability, or scroll down to the booking module. 
    Note: Booking links may be paid placements, indicated by the "Ads" badge, or free links ranked according to their utility to users.
  3. Verify your dates and other info. Then choose a booking option.
  4. Complete the transaction on the hotel or travel agency's website. 

Tip: Some hotels and travel agencies let you complete your booking directly on Google. In these cases, learn how to book a hotel on Google.

Hotel prices

Hotel prices come from Google's partners. They use a service called the Hotel Prices Application Programming Interface (API). Learn more about how partners send prices to Google.

Sometimes, our partners offer special lower prices that aren't available to everyone. For example, a price could be available only to people who are signed in to their Google Account or on a mobile device. To find out if the prices listed aren't offered to everyone, select Information Info.

Tip: Prices are subject to change. (Disclaimer)

Change the displayed currency of hotel prices: The currency you see for hotel prices is determined by your search settings on Google. To see prices in different currencies, you’ll need to change your region settings.

Hotel deals

To help you with your hotel search, we highlight great deals by adding a “Deal” badge next to the hotel name. There are 2 types of deals:

  • Hotels priced below their normal rate or below the rates of similar hotels nearby. You can see the price difference compared to the usual rate.
  • Hotels where a partner is offering a discount compared to the current market price for that hotel. The savings amount is shown.
Hotel classes

To help you better compare accommodation options, Google assigns class ratings to hotels or displays the official class rating assigned to hotels by local authorities where available (e.g. in France). Each hotel receives a rating between 1 and 5 stars. You can use these ratings to narrow your search.

Google gathers data for these ratings from a variety of sources, including third-party partners, direct research, feedback from hoteliers, and machine learning inference that examines and evaluates hotel attributes, such as price, location, room size, and amenities. A 2-star hotel may have modest rooms and economy pricing, while a 4-star hotel could feature upscale decor, a dedicated concierge, 24-hour room service, and luxury amenities such as bathrobes and minibars. 

Hotels that don't show a class rating may not have yet been evaluated by Google. To give feedback on hotel classes, contact us.

Hotel amenities

To help you with your hotel search, Google shows services and amenities offered at each hotel, such as Wi-Fi or a swimming pool. This information can help you compare accommodation options and narrow your search.

Google collects the hotel amenity information from a variety of sources, including hoteliers and their websites, third-party partners, direct research, and feedback from users.

If you notice an inaccurate amenity, ⁠let us know.

Hotel rooms

To help you with your hotel search, Google shows information about the rooms at each hotel, like maximum occupancy or bed type. This information can help you compare accommodation options and narrow your search.

Google collects hotel room information from various sources, including hoteliers and their websites, third-party partners, direct research, and feedback from users.

Hotel booking links

Below where you’ve entered your travel dates, you may see booking links from our hotel partners related to your search. These booking links are based on your current search terms and could be based on whether you’re signed in to a Google Account.

Booking links may be free or paid - paid links will always be indicated by the "Ads" badge. Google uses a variety of signals to rank free booking links, including consumer preference, landing page experience, and historical accuracy of the prices provided to Google. Learn more about free booking links

Paid booking links, or hotel ads, are ranked according to Google's ad auction. Learn more about hotel ads.

Hotel stays

To help with your hotel search, we highlight hotels where you’ve stayed before or have booked for an upcoming stay. Under the hotel name in your search results, you’ll see words like "You stayed here recently."

We chose these hotels based on emails about hotel reservations in your Gmail account.

Tip: To see this badge, you need to be signed in to your Google Account.

If you don't want to see recommendations like these, you can turn off private search results. Change your search settings.

Cancellations & refunds

For any trip changes, cancellations, or refunds, contact the booking partner (the hotel or travel agency).

You can find the booking partner's contact info on the booking confirmation page or in the confirmation email from the partner. If you booked a hotel directly on Google, you can find the partner's contact info in the confirmation email from Google.

Info Google stores about my searches

To see and remove your searches, go to My Activity.

Learn how to view & control activity on your account.

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