Use bulksheets to create manual campaigns

About using bulksheets to create manual campaigns

Instead of signing in to Search Ads 360 and creating one campaign at a time, you can use bulksheets to define multiple manual campaigns and upload them all at once.

Shopping campaigns cannot be created from a bulksheet, but you can use a bulksheet to manage product groups.

Start simple

If you're new to bulksheets, it's usually best to keep your uploads simple. For example, for your first upload you might try creating a single campaign in a single engine account. Then as you grow familiar with the process, you can use more advanced functionality all the way up to uploading multiple campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords in different types of engine accounts.

No IDs required to create items

Search Ads 360 generates a unique numeric ID for each engine account, campaign, ad group, ad, keyword, and other items that you create. You can view these IDs by adding the ID column to a reporting table. And IDs are always included when you download an editable report.

When you're creating new campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords, you don't need to specify the numeric ID of the parent accounts, campaigns, and ad groups, respectively. Instead, you can refer to the parents by their names (the names you specified when you created the parents).

Note: When you use a bulksheet to edit existing ads, keywords, etc., you'll need to specify the numeric IDs of the items that you're editing, but you can use names for their parents. For example, if you edit a keyword, you need to specify the keyword ID, but you can use the ad group name.

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