Include custom Floodlight metrics and dimensions in Search Ads 360 reports

About custom Floodlight metrics and dimensions in Search Ads 360

If you use Floodlight activities to track conversions, you can add details to your Search Ads 360 reports that are unique to your business needs, such as the genre of a movie that a user purchases, the zip code to which an item is shipped, shipping costs, and so on.

Here's how it works:

  1. Set up custom Floodlight variables to collect custom data and send it to Search Ads 360:

    1. Sign in to Campaign Manager,  and create custom Floodlight variables.

    2. Add the custom Floodlight variables to the Floodlight tags or event snippets on your site.

      For example, the following event snippet includes two custom variables, u1 and u2 that are used to report customer loyalty and shipping cost:
      Event snippet for Thank You on Please do not remove.
      Place this snippet on pages with events you’re tracking. 
      Creation date: 11/01/2017
       gtag('event', 'conversion', {
         'allow_custom_scripts': true,
         'send_to': 'DC-1234567/group1/thank123+transactions',
         'transaction_id': '012345',
         'value': '129.97',
         'u1': $customer_loyalty,
         'u2': $shipping_cost
      <img src=";type=thank123;cat=group1;
      width="1" height="1" alt="">
      <!-- End of event snippet: Please do not remove -->

      Learn about the fields that appear in event snippets.

      If you use Search Ads 360 to track offline conversions, such as sales in a call center, you can upload the custom data from the Search Ads 360 API.

  2. In Search Ads 360, associate the custom Floodlight variables with custom metrics and dimensions.

  3. Then, you can do any of the following:

Important details about custom metrics and dimensions

Limitation on the data you can send

For each custom Floodlight variable that you set up as a dimension, Search Ads 360 limits the amount and size of data available for reporting on variables:

  • A custom dimension can send up to 200,000 unique values to Search Ads 360 per report period.

  • Each value can be up 80 ASCII characters long.


For example, if u1 collects the city to which an order is shipped and you set up u1 as a custom dimension, u1 cannot collect more than 200,000 unique cities per day. If 500 orders are shipped to Boston and 500 to New York, you've only collected 2 unique cities towards the daily limit.

Up to 20 custom Floodlight variables are available

While you can create more than 20 custom Floodlight variables in Campaign Manager,  only variables u1 through u20 are available in Search Ads 360.

How long will it take to see the data in Search Ads 360 reports?

Once a Floodlight tag reports a conversion, the custom data is available at the same time as the standard Floodlight data (usually a matter of minutes).

How far back does the data go?

Search Ads 360 does not backfill custom data. That is, custom data is available starting from the day you set the data type for a variable in Search Ads 360, even if your Floodlight tags have been recording this data prior to setting up the data in Search Ads 360.

Only some types of attribution models are supported

See which types of attribution models can be applied to custom metrics and dimensions

Custom dimensions can't be combined

Only one custom dimension can be used to segment a report, filter a custom Floodlight column, or organize data on the Dimensions tab. For example: 

  • If you use a custom dimension to filter a Floodlight column, you can't add the column to the Dimensions tab after grouping reporting data by another custom dimension. Nor can you add the column to a report that you're segmenting by another custom dimension. 
  • If you use a custom dimension to segment a report, you can't use another custom dimension to further segment the report. That is, you can't segment a report by "Custom dimension A" and "Custom dimension B". Nor can you add a custom Floodlight column that's filtered by another custom dimension.
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