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Include custom Floodlight metrics and dimensions in Search Ads 360 reports

Report custom metrics from a Floodlight column

Before you can use a custom Floodlight variable as a metric in a Floodlight column, you'll need to specify in Search Ads 360 that the variable's data type is a metric.

If you’re using custom Floodlight variables to pass metrics to Search Ads 360, you can display the metrics in a Search Ads 360 reporting table:

  1. Navigate to a reporting table.
    For example, navigate to campaign and click the Keywords tab.

  2. Click the Columns button, which appears above the performance summary graph.

  3. In the Available columns list, click ▸Custom conversions, then click Floodlight.

  4. Click + New column.

  5. Name your column and select the Floodlight activities and/or Floodlight groups whose data you want to include in the column.

  6. Use the Metric list to select the metric you want to report on.
    The Metric list contains all metrics that are available from the Floodlight activities and/or Floodlight groups you’ve selected—including metrics from the Floodlight variables Search Ads 360 support has set up for you.

  7. Optionally do any of the following:

    1. Use a custom dimension to filter the data in the column.
      For example, if you're using a custom dimension to distinguish new customers from returning customers, you can filter this column so that it only reports custom metrics for one type of customer.

    2. Apply a data-driven attribution model or an alternate attribution model imported from Campaign Manager 360 to the data in the column.
      For example, if you're using a custom metric to report adjusted revenue for each transaction, a linear attribution model evenly distributes the adjusted revenue amount to each keyword that led to the transaction. So if a custom metric reports $100 in adjusted revenue and three paid search clicks occurred before the transaction, the keyword responsible for each click would be attributed $33.

      See which types of attribution models can be used with custom metrics and dimensions

  8. Click Save.

  9. Under Selected columns, drag and drop the new column to the desired location.

  10. Click Apply.

After you create a column to report custom Floodlight metrics, you can do any of the following:

Note about reporting custom data for individual conversions:

Data about an individual Floodlight conversion—including data reported by custom Floodlight variables—is available for download in a Conversion report. Reporting tables in Search Ads 360 don't display data about individual conversions.

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