Data differences

Differences with Campaign Manager reports

Search Ads 360 and Campaign Manager may report different data for Floodlight conversions (such as Actions, Transactions, and Revenue) because of the way Search Ads 360 handles conversion counts, Floodlight instructions, and uploaded conversions.

Conversion counts

Search Ads 360 always reports one conversion for each time a Floodlight tag or event snippet fires. This is true for both Action and Transaction activities.

In Campaign Manager you can set up Sales activities to report one conversion for each item sold, as defined in the tag's qty attribute. If this is the case, you may see more conversions in your Campaign Manager reports than your Search Ads 360 reports.

Conversions that are hard to measure

Some conversions are hard to measure due to factors such as browser settings. In these cases, Search Ads 360 uses scaling to account for the conversion events that the Floodlight tags can't measure directly. The scaled conversion metrics appear in Search Ads 360 reports and Paid Search reports in Campaign Manager Report Builder. Other Report Builder reports and Campaign Manager Data Transfer files do not include scaled conversion data.

Campaign Manager updates to conversion data

In some cases, Search Ads 360 receives its conversion data from Campaign Manager. Campaign Manager can update its conversion data for up to 48 hours after the time of conversion, and these updates can cause a discrepancy in conversion numbers between Search Ads 360 and Campaign Manager.

In some rare cases, Campaign Manager may republish a previously published conversion, which would the cause the Search Ads 360 and Campaign Manager numbers to match again. This is very rare, and you’d likely receive an email if this happens.

Floodlight instructions

Search Ads 360 applies Floodlight instructions to its reporting data, but Campaign Manager does not display data that has been modified by Floodlight instructions, unless you add the Paid Search Actions/Transactions metrics to the Campaign Manager report.

For example, an advertiser based in the United States might have sales for a specific campaign coming from both a US website and a Canadian website:

  • US website leads to sales of $5,000 USD.

  • Canadian website leads to sales of $5,000 CAD.

To report sales in a single currency, the advertiser sets up a Floodlight instruction that converts Canadian sales to USD. When you view your reports:

  • Search Ads 360 applies the Floodlight instruction and converts $5,000 CAD to $4539 USD. So the total sales for the campaign will be reported as 9,539.

  • By default, Campaign Manager reports do not display the result of Floodlight instructions. So the Campaign Manager Standard report that is scoped to the Search Ads 360 campaign adds $5,000 CAD and $5,000 USD for a total of 10,000.

  • If you add the Paid Search Actions/Transactions metrics to a Campaign Manager report that is scoped to the Search Ads 360 campaign, Campaign Manager will use the sales metrics reported by Search Ads 360, 9,539, which is the value Search Ads 360 calculated after applying the Floodlight instruction.

Uploaded conversions

Conversions that you upload to Search Ads 360 using bulksheets or the Search Ads 360 API are only available in Search Ads 360. They are not sent to Campaign Manager. (Conversions that you upload from the Campaign Manager API are available to both Search Ads 360 and Campaign Manager.)

If none of these reasons apply, contact customer support.
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