About the local feeds partnership program

This article provides details on the eligibility requirements for the local feeds partnership program.

The local feeds partnership program is a way for merchants to participate in local inventory ads without having to create their own local product and local product inventory feeds. POS/inventory data providers can provide sales and inventory data to Google on behalf of merchants.

Current POS/inventory data partners

Provider Countries serviced
Cayan US
dbaPlatform Global
Ecrebo UK
Epicor US
Lynkem CA, US
Napp BR
NearSt AU, CA, DE, UK, US
Pointy AU, CA, UK, US
TakuLabs CA, US
VersaCommerce DE
Youbuyda DE
yReceipts Global

Before you get started, ensure you meet the program's eligibility requirements.

POS/inventory data provider eligibility requirements

To join the program as a POS/inventory data provider, you must meet these requirements:

  • Sales feed: You'll need to send daily sales details for each participating store.
  • Inventory feed: If you have local inventory information for the merchant, we recommend that you send daily inventory data for each participating store.
  • Store feed: If you don't know the merchant's Google My Business store code, you'll need to send a mapping of your internal store code to the store address for each participating store.

If you're a POS/inventory data provider who would like to submit your customers' data to Google, learn how to get started.

Merchant eligibility requirements

To join the program as a merchant, you must meet these requirements:

  • Store: You'll need at least one physical store with at least 50 identifiable products. Learn more about unique product identifiers
  • Local inventory ads: You cannot already be using the local inventory ads feature.
  • POS/inventory data providers: Authorize your POS/inventory data provider to provide your merchant's store sales and inventory data to Google.
  • Inventory checks: Allow Google to perform in-store inventory verifications in a subset of your stores.

If you're using one of our existing POS/inventory data providers and are interested in having them submit your transaction data to Google on your behalf, learn how to get started.

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