Get started with the local feeds partnership program as a data provider

Use this guide to join the local feeds partnership program as a point of sale (POS)/inventory data provider. Learn more about local inventory ads (LIA)


  • Become a trusted Google Partner
  • Provide value to your customers:
    • Free and paid promotion of in-store products on Google Search, Google Shopping, and more
    • Bring local stores online
    • Measure the ability of digital ads to drive in-store traffic and sales

Point of sale (POS) and inventory data provider requirements

To join the local feeds partnership program, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Sales feed: Send daily sales details for each participating store.
  • Inventory feed (recommended): Send daily inventory data for each participating store.
  • Store feed (recommended): If you do not know the merchant’s Google My Business (GMB) store code, you must be able to send a mapping of your internal store code to the store address for each participating store.

Merchant eligibility requirements

To join the local feeds partnership program, your merchant needs to meet these requirements:

  • Store: At least one physical store with at least 50 identifiable products. Learn more about unique product identifiers
  • Local inventory ads: Merchant must not already be using local inventory ads.
  • POS/inventory data providers: Merchant must authorize you to provide their stores’ sales and inventory data to Google.
  • Inventory checks: Merchant must be willing to allow Google to perform in-store inventory verifications in a subset of their stores.

Implementation overview

Here are the steps to implement LIA as a POS/inventory data provider:

  1. Onboard as a data provider
  2. Onboard a merchant
  3. Create and launch campaigns
  4. Optional inventory verification
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