Participation Overview: Local Inventory Ads

What are local inventory ads?

Local inventory ads (formerly called Local Product Listing Ads) are designed to make your local stores and inventory accessible to people shopping online. Your local data can help drive a variety of applications, including:

  • Local inventory ads on Google Shopping
    • What: Add local inventory information to your Google Shopping results.
    • Where: US, UK, DE, FR, JP and AU.
  • Local inventory ads on
    • What: Add local inventory information to your Product Listing Ads on
    • Where: US, UK, DE, FR, JP and AU.
Please review our policies. There are certain products we don’t allow. Review both our Google Shopping Program Policies and the local inventory ads program criteria and policies.

Who's eligible?

Currently, we're working with select merchants that already have an online products feeds, business information in their Google My Business accounts, and have stores located in US, UK, DE, FR, JP or AU. If you're one of these merchants, your Google AdWords representative will be able to help you to you.

For anyone not participating in local inventory ads at the moment, we'll be opening up the program to a wider set of merchants in the future.

How local inventory ads works

To participate in local inventory ads, there are four feeds you’ll need to submit:

Feed What it is Status
Online products (Products feed for PLAs) Google Shopping listings submitted to your Google Merchant Center account If you are using Product Listing Ads, you are already submitting a product feed.
Business information Provides details about your stores and their locations submitted to your Google My Business account. If you are currently submitting and updating business location information to Google My Business using a spreadsheet, you already meet this criterion.
Local products

A list of the products that are available in your stores, submitted to Merchant Center.

Note: If you submit any items that are only sold in-store, you should submit additional product information directly in the local products feed.

Local product inventory

Your inventory data, including availability, price, and other store-specific information, submitted to Merchant Center.


The information in these four feeds must be matched to each other. Review the table below to understand which key fields must match across feeds. 

Feed 1   Feed 2   Attribute
Local products connects to Online products1 through any of these, in this order: webitemid
unique product identifiers
Local products connects to Local product inventory through: itemid
Local product inventory connects to Google My Business information through: store code

1If your item doesn't match to a product in your online products listings, you can still submit it. We'll discuss this in the local products feed section.

Next steps

Before you can submit your new local inventory ads feeds, your Google Merchant Center account needs to be configured to accept these feeds. Reach out to your Google AdWords representative to confirm your eligibility and begin this process as soon as possible, and then check out our getting started guide for next steps.

If you do not have a Google AdWords representative, please fill out our Local Inventory Ads Interest Form and we will review your eligibility. We are currently piloting local inventory ads with a limited number of retailers internationally. If you are interested and are located in the US, UK, DE, FR, JP or AU, please fill out the following local inventory ads interest form.

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