Track your product performance

You can track your traffic from Shopping ads by adding tracking information to your URLs. The easiest way to do this is to add the parameter source=googleps to the end of your URLs. Additionally, you can track traffic within Google Merchant Center by viewing the performance graph on your Dashboard. For a more comprehensive view of the performance of your products, please review the features available in your Google Ads account.

To set up external traffic tracking apart from reporting in Google Merchant Center and Google Ads:

  • If you don't already use parameters and your URL looks like, your transformed URL will look like this:
  • If your URLs already have parameters in them and look like, with a question mark already included, your transformed URL will look like this:

Your web server should already support this formatting without any special changes. Once you've added source=googleps to the URLs, you'll be able to look for source=googleps in your web server logs. If everything works properly, this string will appear each time a user clicks through to one of your items.

Note: After creating your tracking URLs, please test them in a web browser before including them in your data feed to verify they link properly to the specified pages.


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