Migrate to campaigns (text guide)

Overview, best practices, and detailed steps for migrating to campaigns


Note: This article applies only to Hotel campaigns in Hotel Ads Center. If you're migrating to Google Ads, you should read Migrate to Hotel campaigns in Google Ads.

For existing Hotel Ads partners with existing bids, this guide explains how campaigns and legacy account bids interact, the timeline for migration, and best practices for creating Hotel campaigns and migrating your bids.

Note: Your bids won't be migrated automatically, and you need to take action to continue participating in Hotel Ads.

You don't have to switch 100% of your account over to campaigns at once. Google will continue to use your legacy account bids to serve your hotel ads until you target a particular segment of traffic with an active campaign.

When activated, campaign bids (including a bid of zero) have higher serving priority than legacy account bids for targeted user countries and hotels. This feature enables you to progressively create campaigns, test them, and migrate portions of your traffic gradually during the migration period based on your preferences, business needs, and readiness.

Migration timeline

Starting March 8, 2018, you will have approximately 3 months to implement and enable campaigns, at which time your campaigns will be migrated automatically.

Best practices

1. Plan your campaigns strategy

Decide whether you want to set up campaigns to effectively migrate your existing account structure and bids, or use a new structure and customize campaigns to your business need (for example to take advantage of targeting specific user countries or hotel brands, or to use more automated bidding).

2. Build your campaigns in Hotel Ads Center (or via API 2.1)

Organize your account and hotels into campaigns and ad groups. Leave everything in a paused state until you have completed your initial campaign setup.

Your campaigns once you have migrated, rather than trying to implement a complex campaign structure from the start. You can continue to update your legacy bids as you normally would during the migration period.


As you’re migrating, the “Import Hotel Groups” button in “Ad Group Editor” will let you import your hotel groups into ad groups. You can set your bid strategy and bid at the campaign level to match that of the hotel group you imported. You can find steps for using Ad Group Editor in the instructions for migrating hotel groups.

3. Unpause a campaign and make the switch

Set your Hotel Ads campaigns live by unpausing them. You don't have to enable all your campaigns at once. For example, you can first enable a single test campaign and observe your performance to get familiar with the campaigns feature before enabling the rest of your campaigns.

4. Confirm you're ready for sunset of legacy bids

You should make sure you have 100% of your account's traffic targeted by and managed via campaigns before the end of the migration period. You will miss out on any traffic not targeted by active campaigns after legacy account bidding is sunset.

Tip: Monitor bid performance

Your legacy account bids appear as a row in your campaigns list in the Hotel Ads Center. After enabling all your campaigns, you can observe whether you still receive any impressions or clicks via legacy account bids. If you do, adjust your campaign targeting to make sure you cover all your traffic.

Migrate legacy account bids

If you want to set up campaigns that effectively replicate your existing legacy account structure and bids, we recommend the following:

  • Create one campaign for each hotel group that uses automated bidding. Learn how
  • Create one campaign with Enhanced CPC for each hotel group that uses manual (Max CPC) bidding and custom bid multipliers. Learn how
  • Optional (advanced users): Create one campaign and multiple ad groups for each cluster of hotels with manual bid multipliers. Learn how
  • Ensure campaigns target 100% of your traffic. Learn how

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