About tracking for free booking links

Hotel free booking links allow any hotel provider to access highly qualified traffic regardless of whether they advertise on Google or not. Clicks generated by free booking links won’t show up in your Google Ads account, so we want to ensure you have a way to easily track these clicks and view reports. This only applies to partners who have a Hotel Center account.


You can track an ad click vs. a free booking click using your landing page parameters in Hotel Center. This is done by using either the CAMPAIGN-ID or IF-AD-CLICK parameter. Using these parameters will allow you to differentiate where the clicks came from in your own reporting systems. It's recommended that you also use the VERIFICATION or IF-VERIFICATION parameter as a way to not include links generated by Google for testing or validation.

If you're using dynamic URL tracking for the Google Ads tracking template, you can track ad clicks using {campaignid} as a ValueTrack parameter. Clicks from ad campaigns will include a campaign ID.

Note: Free booking link clicks don’t use the tracking template in Google Ads. As a result, they won’t have a campaign ID associated with them.

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