Troubleshooting Wi-Fi and connection issues

If you’re having trouble adding Nest products to your account, or your Nest products are offline in the Nest app, this article will help you find the steps you’ll need to fix the problem.

Nest products will try to reconnect to Wi-Fi automatically. There could be an issue with your ISP, your router, your home’s power, or the Nest Service. You may have to wait and let your Nest product reconnect on its own.

You should be at home to troubleshoot Wi-Fi or offline issues.  For instance, you may need to restart your router or Nest product, which often can’t be done remotely. . If you’re at home, there are a few things you can do:

  • Make sure your home Wi-Fi network is working. Try going online with another device and visiting any website. On a phone, make sure you’re testing the connection with Wi-Fi only (not cellular data). If the entire network is down, you’ll need to get to the root of the issue before you can bring your thermostat back online.

  • Go to Nest’s support site and check the status of the Nest service. If it’s down, wait for it to resume and see if your Nest Thermostat comes back online.

  • Restart your Wi-Fi router. Unplug your router, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in. After it boots up, you’ll see steady power and connection lights and your thermostat can try to reconnect.

  • Check for Wi-Fi interference. Try turning off other devices in your home that may be interfering with the Wi-Fi signal: cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves, Bluetooth devices, and wireless video equipment.

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