Set up webhook integration for a Search lead form extension

A webhook is an API that enables you to send lead data to your CRM system in real-time. To set it up, you will need to add a webhook URL and key to your lead form extension. You may need to do some configuration within your CRM system to generate the URL and key.

The URL is the delivery path: after the user submits a lead form extension, an HTTP POST request is sent to the configured URL, allowing the lead data to go directly into the CRM system. The key is used for validating the leads sent.


  1. Sign into your Google Ads account.
  2. In the page menu on the left, click Campaigns.
  3. Click the plus button and then select New campaign.
  4. In the goals section, select Leads.
  5. Under “Campaign type,” select Search.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Enter your campaign settings.
  8. In the "Ad extensions" list, select Lead form extension.
  9. Fill in details about your extension and your lead form extension.
  10. Under “Create form submission message”, click on Lead Delivery Option. This will show the “Manage your leads with a webhook” field.
  11. Enter the Webhook URL and Key.
  12. Click Send test data to view testing states and results. Check your data management system to confirm that you have received the test data.
  13. After filling in the required steps, click Add to campaign.


Depending on your initial actions after adding webhooks, you may receive error states.

  • Error state A is when users save the form without sending test data (successfully).
  • Error state B is data that is not sent.
  • Error state C is data sent without Google receiving a response.
  • Error state D is data sent, but Google receives an incorrect response (HTTP 200).
  • Success state is data sent, and Google receives a correct response.
Note: If you are using Zapier, you can follow their lead form extension integration guidelines to connect your lead form extension with your CRM.

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