Prepare to migrate your Hotel campaigns to Google Ads

Before you migrate to Google Ads, you should:

  • Have a Google Ads account(s) and/or a manager account. We recommend creating a Hotels-specific manager account to house Google Ads hotel accounts. A manager account will also allow you to access the Google Ads API as well as any audiences that exist at the manager account level.
  • Link your Hotel Center account to the Google Ads accounts in which your Hotel campaigns will reside.
  • Set up a billing configuration in Google Ads
  • Set up conversion tracking in Google Ads.
  • Create and/or share audiences across Google Ads accounts if you're using audience bid multipliers.
  • If you're planning to manage your Hotel Ads campaigns via an API, you will need to use the Google Ads API. The previous Travel Partner API won't be able to access Google Ads Campaigns or any associated performance reporting.
  • If you already use the Google Ads API (previously the AdWords API), you already have access to the Google Ads API with your current developer token.
  • If you don't have a developer token for the Google Ads API, you should request a developer token from your manager account. To request a developer token, in the Google Ads interface, click the Tools icon at the top and select API Center under "Setup." You'll only see the API Center link if you're signed in to a manager account. Once you have a developer token, contact us for access to the API.

As part of the migration of campaigns to Google Ads, Hotel Ads Center will be deprecated in favor of the new Hotel Center. The new Hotel Center experience is designed to make the process of participating in Hotel ads easier. Learn more about the new Hotel Center experience.

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If you need help with your Hotel ads, please contact us or request to chat with a support specialist.
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