Using Firebase and Google Ads together

Firebase is Google’s app software development kit (SDK) and analytics tool. To import your Firebase conversions to Google Ads, you can either link your Google Analytics 4 property or your Firebase project to Google Ads. When you link a Google Analytics 4 property or Firebase project to Google Ads, you get access to powerful tools that help you see how your Google Ads campaigns are doing.

This article is an overview of how you can use Firebase with Google Ads to gain insight into your advertising and app performance.


  • Import Firebase conversions without needing to add new code to your app.
  • Use Firebase audiences created in Google Analytics 4 properties or Firebase projects.

How it works

Firebase is a mobile platform that you can use to quickly develop apps. Firebase makes it easy to see how your apps are performing. If you don’t have a Firebase account, you can learn more in the Firebase Help Centre and on the Developers website.

If you measure conversions through a manager account or if you want multiple managed accounts to have access to Firebase audiences, you should link a Google Analytics 4 property or Firebase project to your manager account.

Once your accounts are linked, you’ll be able to see Google Ads data in your Google Analytics 4 property or your Firebase project, and you’ll be able to use conversions for conversion tracking and remarketing in Google Ads.

Conversion tracking

You can import conversions from a Google Analytics 4 property or a Firebase project to see how your Google Ads investment is driving app installs, in-app actions and more. You can learn how well your ads are performing and then make changes in your account to help drive more of these goals for your app.

When you’ve linked accounts, you’ll be able to choose which Firebase events to track as conversion actions in Google Ads. You won’t need to add any new code to your app. Google Ads conversion tracking will use the code you’ve already installed for Firebase. Learn how to measure app conversions.

Web to App Connect

You can also set up app conversion tracking using Web to App Connect. Once you’ve used the Web to App Connect interface to set up conversion tracking and deep linking, you can provide a seamless web-to-app experience for your customers and drive on average 2 times higher conversion rates for ad clicks landing in your app compared to your mobile website.

This improved experience allows your customers to more easily complete their intended action, whether purchasing, signing up or adding items to their basket. Plus, from within the Web to App Connect interface, you can track these in-app conversion actions and get recommendations on how to improve your campaign.

To get started with Web to App Connect, follow the three steps below:

  1. In your Google Ads account, click the Tools icon Tools Icon.
  2. Click the Planning drop-down in the section menu.
  3. Click App advertising hub. This will take you to the Web to App Connect interface.

Learn more about converting better with the Web to App Connect interface.


After you link, you can use audiences created in a Google Analytics 4 property or a Firebase project for your Google Ads campaigns. Each Google Ads account that you link will have access to those audiences. Learn more about remarketing lists using Firebase data.

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