Fix issues with a Shopping campaign

Your Shopping campaign relies on many factors including things like search relevance, budget, bidding, and location settings to serve ads for your products. While there may be a broad list of factors that impact performance, Shopping campaigns that don't receive traffic tend to have a few specific issues that you can look into.

This article reviews common reasons why a Shopping campaign isn't performing and what you can do.

Google Ads Shopping Campaigns Pro Tips

You've recently updated your product data in your Merchant Center account

If you've submitted product data for the first time or significantly updated existing data in your Merchant Center account, it takes up to 2 business days for the new data to be reviewed. This means that changes to your products won't be updated in your Shopping campaigns right away. To help minimize delays in the review process, learn more about our Shopping policies and Products Feed Specification.

Your product group no longer contains any products

If you made significant changes to your product data in Merchant Center, there's a chance that products may no longer fall in a given product group. This means those products could be included in a different product group with a different bid, or excluded from the campaign entirely.

To verify which products are included in your product groups, go to the Product groups tab, and hover over the product group you want to review. A product window will appear. In the window, you'll see the number of products contained in that group that have been "Submitted" and "Approved" and are "Active" and "Ready to serve". Click "Products submitted" to see all products in that group. Create or remove product groups to match your new product feed categorization and advertising goals.

Your products aren't ready to serve

For a product to be eligible for the ad auction, it needs meet a few requirements:

  • Product is approved in your Merchant Center account.
  • Product is active. The product's campaign and ad group are enabled and its product group is not excluded.
  • Product is ready to serve. The product is in stock.
The requirements a product must meet to be active

Use columns in your Shopping campaign to understand how many of the requirements you meet and troubleshoot specific issues with your products.

On the Product groups tab, refer to these columns:

  • % approved
  • % active
  • % ready to serve
  • products submitted
  • products approved
  • products active
  • products ready to serve

On the Products tab, refer to these columns:

  • effective maximum cost-per-click (effective max. CPC)
  • product status

Learn more about these columns and what what they mean.


A product group with 10 products in your "Shoes" campaign stopped receiving clicks and impressions, so you check your columns to understand what happened. On the Product groups tab, you might see statistics that look like this:

Product group Products submitted Products approved Products active Products ready to serve
Sneakers 10 10 10 0

This means that your products meet all of the requirements but the ones needed to be "ready to serve." You can check the column description for "Products ready to serve" to learn what you need to do to make sure your products are ready. In this case, it means that your products are likely out of stock and not available to buy. When your product availability returns to in stock, you'll be able ready to serve ads again.

Your products are ready to serve but aren't receiving impressions
  • The bid for the product is too low. Consider raising your bid.
  • The campaign budget is restricted. Consider raising your budget.
  • Very few user searches can be matched. If there are few user searches that can be matched, consider adding more detail to your product title and description.

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