Adjusting bids to maximize profits

Official guide to optimizing bids to drive profits.

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Maximizing profit should be the performance goal of every Google Ads account. Here are 4 steps to effectively manage your bids and maximize profits from your account.


1. Four steps to profit driven bidding in Google Ads

  • Define a formula that calculates total profits from Google Ads. 

Why: You need a formula to measure and optimize for profit in Google Ads.

  • Run a broad-scale manual bid test. 

Why: Get an edge in the auction by finding profitable bid opportunities faster than others can.

Get started: Test a bid increase to see the impact on your profit.

  • Evaluate results and measure your profit. 

Why: Identify areas for improvement as you analyze results.

  • Use automation to adjust your bids. 

Why: Free up your time so that you can focus on other strategic priorities.

Get started: Use an automated bid strategy that leads to long-term profits.

Read more about the four steps to profit driven bidding in Google Ads.

2. Concerns and considerations

As you make a bid for higher profits, some questions and concerns may come up. In this section, we’ll look at some common concerns and show you how to address them.


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