Finding success with Smart Bidding

Account setup best practices


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Base your campaigns on objectives

  • Automated bidding is objective-based bidding, which means a single campaign should generally have one objective.
    • For example, if you are optimizing for clicks on certain keywords but for conversions on other keywords, they should get their own campaigns.


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Simplify your account structure

  • Automated bidding doesn’t require having campaigns or ad groups broken out by keyword match type, geo, device, etc. It will work across a variety of account structures.
  • Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:
    • Make ad groups (or campaigns) relevant. Relevant ads are more useful for users, and clickthrough rates and conversion rates are often better with high relevance from search term to ad to landing page.
    • Avoid campaigns that are limited by budget. Use the Maximize conversions or Maximize conversion value bid strategies if you have daily budget goals.
    • Upload and maintain first-party audience lists (e.g., remarketing, Customer Match) to increase efficiency.
    • If Impression Share is higher than 80%, it may be time to expand your reach with additional keywords, audiences, expanded targeting, or Dynamic Search Ads.


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Automate your bidding based on accurate conversion data

  • Understand what system has your best source of truth and import that data into Google Ads to utilize auction-time bidding.


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 Pair Smart Bidding with broad match keywords and responsive search ads

  •  Using broad match keywords allows Google AI to find additional queries that help you reach your objectives.

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    Using the combination of broad match, Smart Bidding, and responsive search ads, UK-based increased sign-ups in Germany from its generic Search campaigns by 182%, while increasing clicks by 258%.

    Watch their story:




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