Set up remarketing list sharing

Google ads manager accounts can share tags and remarketing lists that they’ve created with some, or all, of its Google Ads accounts or sub-manager accounts (other manager accounts). This article explains how you can set up sharing for remarketing lists using your manager accounts and other Google Ads accounts.

Before you begin

It’s important to know that manager accounts need permission from individual managed accounts (Google Ads accounts) to share remarketing lists created and owned by a managed account (detailed in the instructions below). If you have administrative access to the manager account, you will be able to go through the entire process.

Important: When sharing remarketing lists across accounts, remember that you may be sharing confidential or proprietary data. You should only share remarketing lists with other accounts if you have obtained permission from accounts that own them. and such sharing doesn't violate any agreements you have with those accounts. For additional requirements and details about remarketing lists for search ads, see the policy for remarketing lists for search ads.

Sharing audience lists using your Google Ads manager account

Step 1: In your manager account, select accounts for sharing

Note: Steps 2 and 3 are not required if your tagging is configured at the manager level.
  1. Sign in to your Google Ads manager account.
  2. From the page menu on the left, click Accounts, then click Management along the top. 
  3. Check the box next to the accounts you want to select. To select all managed accounts, click the checkbox near the "Account" column header. 
  4. Click Edit, then select Change tag and list sharing, and then choose Remarketing account from the "Account" drop-down menu.
  5. In the “Change to” drop-down menu, select This manager. These accounts can now use the manager accounts remarketing lists. If a managed account is using cross-account conversion tracking, the same manager account will need to be set to both the "Conversion account" and "Remarketing account".
    Note: "Conversion account" and "Remarketing account" can’t be set to different manager accounts. They can only be used by a combination of either a manager and managed Google Ads account, or by the same manager account. 

Step 2: Enable lists to be shared in your Google Ads

For a manager account to access and share remarketing lists owned by its client accounts, list sharing must be enabled in each client account.

The steps below must be taken for each individual client account. Note that if your manager account has administrative ownership of this client account, you can complete these steps by navigating to the client account from the manager account, instead of signing in directly to the client account. 

  1. Sign in to the client account.
  2. In the upper right corner of the account, click the tools icon .
  3. Under “Shared library,” click Audience manager.
  4. From the page menu on the left, select Settings
    Note: The "Settings" link will not be visible if Step 1 above hasn’t been completed for this client account. In the manager account, the “Remarketing account” for this client must be set to “This manager.”
  5. Under “Remarketing list access,” click the toggle to share your remarketing lists. A blue toggle indicates that list sharing is on, while a grey toggle indicates that list sharing is off.

    Once the list sharing toggle is turned on in the client account, the manager account can immediately start using that client’s remarketing lists. When the toggle is switched off, the manager account will immediately lose access to the client’s remarketing lists. Keep in mind, it may take a couple of hours for shared remarketing lists to show in other client accounts. 

    If you want to check whether a client’s remarketing lists have been shared, you can always navigate to the client account, and click Audience lists from the page menu on the left. In the “Remarketing” tab, you’ll see, under each audience list name, whether that list has been shared with other accounts.

Step 3: Add lists to the manager account sharing pool

For a manager account to share remarketing lists from a managed account, the managed account must be an account associated with the manager account and provide permission to share remarketing lists (see Step 2 above). 

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads manager account.
  2. In the upper right corner of the account, click the tools icon .
  3. Under “Shared library,” click Audience manager.
  4. From the page menu on the left, click Audience lists.
  5. Click the plus button , then select Add list from an account.
  6. Click Select an account to find a managed account.
    Note:  Remarketing lists may be locked from sharing if the managed account that owns the list hasn't allowed list sharing. Go through Step 2 above to enable.
  7. Choose a managed account.
  8. Select All current lists to add all of the remarketing lists from the selected accounts. To select only some lists, choose Select specific lists.
  9. Click Save. All accounts whose "Remarketing account" is set to “This manager” will have access to these remarketing lists within a few hours.

Common scenarios

  • If a manager account shares tags and lists with a managed account, the managed account will have access to any lists the manager account creates (including future lists).
  • If a managed account has shared lists with a manager account, the manager account can share those lists with its other managed accounts.
  • If a remarketing tag isn't correctly implemented, the tag won't add website visitors to remarketing lists. This may limit or stop ads from showing. Any managed accounts using these lists would be affected. Learn how to troubleshoot your tagging implementation.
  • If a managed account turns off list sharing, any campaign or ad groups in the other managed accounts using the shared lists will stop running and will no longer be visible in your Audience manager. 
  • If a managed account's "Remarketing account" is changed from one manager account to another manager account, the managed account will no longer have access to the manager account tag or any lists associated with it. Any ad groups or campaigns in these accounts that were using these lists will stop running as described in the previous paragraph.
  • If a manager removes a managed account from list sharing, the managed account will lose access to the manager account's tag and lists. If the managed account was sharing their own lists, this change would affect ad groups and campaigns in other accounts that are targeting these lists.

Keep in mind

  • Remarketing lists owned by a manager account, or shared with a manager account, will be shared and accessible for all managed accounts that are set to “This manager” under the same “Remarketing account.”
  • Only the owner of a shared list can edit it.
  • Any changes made to a shared list will be applied across accounts.
  • The sharing of Video remarketing lists, DoubleClick (DFA) lists, or licensed lists is currently not supported.
  • To share Google Analytics lists, Google considers the Google Ads account to which the list was linked during setup. You can see the status of Google Analytics in the “Audience sources” tab of Audience Manager.
    • Note: Lists can only be shared with one other Google Ads destination account, so if you want to share them when importing from Google Ads to Google Analytics, set the manager account as the destination account.
  • List sharing happens automatically for dynamic remarketing dynamic attributes (custom parameters).
  • List owners can see which accounts have access to their lists by going to "Audiences" in "Shared library."
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